Older / Archived Reno News - March 2010

3/26/10 - CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY ACROSS STREET FROM MONTAGE - Includes Old Reno Casino and casino portion of Golden Phoenix.

3/26/10 - RECOVERY ZONE FACILITY BOND PROJECT LIST AND PRESENTATIONS TODAY - Definitely a must-read. Voice who you support and who should get these bonds.

3/21/10 - RENO ACES BALL PARK EXPANSION PLUS 4TH STREET TRANSIT STATION - Lots of new close-up photos of construction of the ballpark expansion and 4th Street Transit Station plus a few other goodies.

3/19/10 - COMPLETE PROPOSED STAR BOND DISTRICT POLICIES FOR BASEBALL DISTRICT - If you want to know how STAR Bonds would be issued in the new Baseball STAR Bond District as proposed, this is the post for you.

3/19/10 - DOWNTOWN STREETS TO BE RESTRIPED / RESTRICTIONS LOOSENED ON STREET ARTISANS - Various council tidbits for next week's meeting.

3/18/10 - NEVADA DISCOVERY MUSEUM MOVES FORWARD - This is amazingly awesome news.

3/18/10 - SILVER PEAK DOWNTOWN - What's up with that foretelling statement in their official press release.

3/17/10 - SAVE THE DOWNTOWN LIBRARY - Last call to give your input board the Board of Trustees decides today which branches to close, and downtown is in the crosshairs.

3/17/10 - THE LOFT - Siena's new late night social lounge opens tonight.

3/17/10 - MORE SILVER PEAK INFO - Going in the freight house district.

3/16/10 - THREE ST PATTY'S DAY PARTIES - A21, CEOL's and the Isles. Walk from one to another!

3/13/10 - KNITTING FACTORY TO HOST DANCE CLUB NIGHT - Every Saturday, 11:30 p.m.

3/12/10 - NEW PAUL MITCHELL SALON PHOTOS - Another great salon downtown.


3/11/10 - AMERICAN BOX LUNCH - Coming to downtown Reno from SF in August?

3/10/10 - SIENA JOB FAIR THIS WEEKEND - 100 positions up for grabs. Click link for date and time.

3/7/10 - RENO ACES SINGLE GAME TICKET SALES BRISK - Via Reno Gazette Journal's Sports Blog.

3/7/10 - RENO ACES TO HOLD EXHIBITION GAME - Reno Aces vs. University of Nevada!

3/6/10 - PROPOSED STAR BOND POLICIES FOR CITY COUNCIL - Via Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board meeting last week.

3/1/10 - EAST DOWNTOWN CONSTRUCTION - Ballpark and Transit Center construction photos.