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Nick's Greek Deli

Nick's Greek Deli is's located in a building between a makeshift furniture store and one of the strangest convenience stores in town. It's across the street from the  Wild Orchid strip club on South Virginia.  This place is literally a hole in the wall.  You have to really look for the entrance because it is so nondescript.  Often, they will put a easel-type sign on the corner of Moran and Virginia Streets to alert people to their amazing gyros.

The interior is super casual with magazine pictures of Greece hung on the walls, and Greek bouzouki music playing softly in the background.  However, no one goes to Nick's for the decor. It's the food that makes this place stand out as THE best Greek restaurant in Reno.  The food is fresh and of good quality.  The menu is quite limited, at last check there were maybe 5 or 6 items on the menu to choose from, but that's what makes Nick's so special. The food selection may be limited, what's on the menu is authentic Greek.

What makes Nick's Greek Deli famous is their gyros. I am a big fan of Greek food, and I never walk out of Nick's disappointed. The customer service is great, and once you sit down to eat, you'll notice food continues to stream out of the kitchen. Nick will make sure you don't go away hungry. They do offer a couple of non-Greek sandwiches.

Again, do NOT let the exterior of this place fool you.



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