Older / Archived Reno News - April 2010

4/30/10 - VARIOUS TIDBITS - Raymonds is back!

4/25/10 - ACES BASEBALL UPDATE - In the first game of the Aces second homestand of the season, 8,492 attended Saturday night's game, though the Aces lost 10-0.

4/23/10 - RECOVERY ZONE FACILITY BOND FINALISTS - See who will be presented to the council on Wednesday.

4/20/10 - MIDTOWN NIGHTS - Art, music and more in Midtown.

4/20/10 - BOULEVARD SOUTH GOING SOUTH? - One of my tipsters stumbled upon a tidbit today.

4/18/10 - DOWNTOWN WALK - Downtown river corridor springs to life on a warm day.

4/18/10 - PEPPERMILL CONTINUES TO RENOVATE - Peppermill announces another round of renovations and remodels. So, what about the downtown hotel/casinos? Let's start a discussion.

4/18/10 - 4TH STREET TRANSIT STATION - New construction pictures.

4/14/10 - WEST STREET MARKET NEWS - Council makes motion to allow tenants to form organization, revise West Street Market rules.

4/14/10 - RENO ACES UPDATE - Strong attendance for a Wednesday afternoon game.

4/13/10 - 275 Hill Posts Menus - Yum Yum for my tum.

4/12/10 - WEST STREET MARKET MEETING PART 2 - Excuse my raw notes, I didn't have time to do a lot of editing, but here's what happened.

4/10/10 - RENO LITTLE THEATER UPDATE - Great photos of the Wells Avenue neighborhood as well as a sneak peak at Reno Little Theater.

4/10/10 - RENO ACES UPDATE - First two games a success!

4/9/10 - WEST OF WELLS - New web site reflects character of the neighborhood.

4/8/10 - FREIGHT HOUSE DISTRICT - Photos. Looks good at night.

4/6/10 - WEST STREET MARKET MEETING REPORT - Long 2 hour meeting and we get to do it all over again on Monday.

4/5/10 - WEST STREET MARKET BY THE NUMBERS - Lots of rumors floating around but here's what the market is really up against.

4/5/10 - SK BASEBALL REVEALS FUTURE PLANS FOR FREIGHT HOUSE DISTRICT - Includes bowling alley / tavern in old freight house building.

4/5/10 - SILVER PEAK, CITY OF RENO AT STANDSTILL - What will happen to downtown if Silver Peak leaves?

4/2/10 - RENO LITTLE THEATER CONSTRUCTION - Brand new facility is almost complete! Check out pics, and information on an upcoming open house. Located in the heart of Wells Avenue's bungalow neighborhood.

4/2/10 - FUTURE OF WEST STREET MARKET? - Those interested should probably attend this meeting to get a sneak peek of what will go before the city council.