Older / Archived Reno News - October 2010

10/30/10 - 4th Street Transit Station Opens - Information and photos.

10/28/10 - Living Montage - Check out the first in a series I am co-producing with Smartbrand on residents living downtown...why they do, the positive things they see, and what they like about downtown Reno.

10/28/10 - Ice Rink Returns - Ice rink is returning downtown this year, nice!

10/27/10 - Get Hypnotized Downtown - Scary Halloween fun in an underground theater.

10/26/10 - Halloween Downtown! This weekend downtown will be THE place to be for Halloween. From kid-friendly events to adult-friendly events.

10/25/10 - Downtown Garage Cleaned Up

10/21/10 - Center Street Demolition - Something's up in Mid Town.

10/21/10 - 4th Street Transit Station - Finishing touches including flat screen lcd monitors for arrival/departure times.

10/21/10 - Siena Closes - Siena closes its doors. Sad day for downtown. UPDATED at 2:24 pm

10/15/10 - Unused Parking Garage Downtown Takes Step Forward - Yay! A good thing.

10/15/10 - New Performing Arts Space Downtown! - Good Luck Macbeth moves into 119 North Virginia Street.

10/15/10 - Parking Meter System Approved - Click for details on how Secure Storage Technologies' system will work.

10/15/10 - Best of Downtown! - Downtown Reno did quite well in Reno News and Review's Best of 2010 list, particularly in the eats and drinks categories.

10/15/10 - A Special Thank You! I was voted Best Blogger and Downtownmakeover.com was voted Best Local Web Site in Reno News and Review's Best of Northern Nevada 2010!

10/7/10 - Your Input Desired! - Provide input on Reno's next big makeover, South Virginia Street from Liberty to Kietzke. It's making the Neighborhood Advisory Board rounds. See now many times the public has a chance to provide input? Lots! TONIGHT! October 7th at 6:00 pm - Ward 2 Central NAB meeting at Meadowood Courtyard. Then October 12th at 6:00 pm - Ward 1 NAB meeting at Reno City Hall, 7th Floor and October 28th at 5:30 pm - Ward 3 NAb meeting at Neil Road Rec Center.

10/7/10 - Reno Envy Playoff Shirts! - Stop by Reno Envy on West Street or hit them up online for this great shirt designed in the spirit of SF Giants playoffs.

10/7/10 - Downtown Events This Weekend - Italian Festival, mountain bike movie premier, acoustic music at the Loft and much much more!

10/5/10 - The Next Kings Inn? - Come on, really?

10/5/10 - Men Wielding Fire - Lookin' good and close to opening!

10/5/10 - Golden Phoenix - What's going on with it?

10/5/10 - 4th Street Station - Finishing touches on the 4th Street Station.