Older / Archived Reno News - May 2010

5/31/10 - Downtown Activity - La Famiglia to get neighbors at State Street building, plus more observations.

5/31/10 - Mid-Town Makeover - Mid-Town featured on Channel 8 news story.

5/30/10 - Executive Inn - This project has progressed way beyond a simple paint job or resurface. Anyone know what's up? Click for pics and a map.

5/27/10 - Downtown Reno Memorial Day Weekend - Good thing it's a three-day weekend because I'll be ready for a day off by Monday! Lots of concerts. It should be nice this weekend, consider spending the day at Wingfield Park.

5/27/10 - Upcoming RAAB Meeting - Focuses on West Street Market, event programming and the Tenant Association.

5/21/10 - Red Martini located at 214 West Commercial Row has officially completed its transformation into Wurk, a new late night after-hours hangout. Check out their Facebook fan page for photos of the transformation and news. Stop by Wurk this weekend and check out the results of their hard work!

5/17/10 - HOT ITEMS THIS WEEK - What cities should we look tod as examples of bar/alcohol regulation? Downtown flower baskets, or pay SK Baseball $1 million? What the heck is up with the Montage? Plus Aces attendance and good news for Holcomb Townhouses.

5/14/10 - DOWNTOWN CONSTRUCTION - 4th Street Transit Station and other various construction sites and sights downtown.


5/14/10 - MONTAGE PRICED RIGHT? - Wowsers rumors are going crazy. So are sales?

5/10/10 - RENO ACES HOME STAND STARTS TUESDAY - 50 cent hot dogs and more!

5/10/10 - VARIOUS TIDBITS - An upcoming update on the SoVi Complete Project and more.