Urbanito, located on the corner of Mill Street and Holcomb, has expanded to include a group of at least three tiny homes. 

This project is now in Plan Review at the City of Reno

The project is in response to the housing crisis, and the project is described as: 

"an affordable housing crisis here in Reno!  In response to an overwhelming outcry for a nice home to rent in a great location we have created wee6.  An amazing prototype of housing targeting those who can only afford less than $850 month in rent and ALL utilities (including free wifi), yet want their own yard, a safe atmosphere AND a most super cool modern home to live in.   Welcome to wee6---six wee size homes to be built at our Urbanito block at Mill and Holcomb"

You can read more about Urbanito and wee6 (cutest name ever for a housing project) by clicking this link, including seeing renderings and a site map layout. I am guessing this will occupy the empty vacant lot just south of Atomik Office Suites and Whipple Distillery, but north of the gorgeous set of bungalow homes Haberae renovated/restored.

Their other tiny home project, Tiny Ten, has sold out, and has a significant waiting list. So any criticism that this is not a desired project in Reno is debatable. You can find out more info about Tiny Ten by clicking here