Reno Experience District to get Police Substation

by Mike Van Houten / Sep 26, 2023

Reno Experience District is getting a new City of Reno police substation, within the development, and inside the Emory building, the 2nd-largest of the residential buildings that make up the Reno Experience District. It's the residential building that lies to the north of the movie theater and park. 

The permit reads

"RED - Police Substation
Convert a storage area in the Emory building for the new City of Reno Police Substation. The lease is in agreement and now the area needs to be built out. Plans to build out the space included in submittal."

I will admit, it's a bit of an odd location. Gotta keep all those troublemakers paying $2000+ in rent, in line, right? Snark aside, I'm guessing it's convenient because they will get a portion of the interior parking garage for their vehicles, or perhaps the newer exerior parking garage to the west of Emory. 

If I recall from my tour of the Emory, the storage areas reside on floor 2 and above. I wonder what the lease rate will be? I don't think the space will be very large, 

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