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New Art and Historic Guide to West Street added to West St Median

New Art and Historic Guide to West Street added to West St Median

Small touches like this add up to a great visitor experience to West Street and the Riverwalk District.

14  Aug  2015

News Bites and Rumors

Various development tidbits and rumors including the Sticks project in Midtown, changing downtown's zoning,  and new places opening.

30  Sep  2014

Pies with a Purpose Fundraiser

Pies with a Purpose is a culinary showcase in support of The Eddy House, where Downtown Reno's top chefs, including Larry Dunning of Bowl, Joseph Bell of Wild River Grille, as well as chefs from Noble Pie Parlor, The Jungle, Brewer's Cabinet, Jax on the Tracks, Homage Bakery and more come together to support the Eddy House. It will be this weekend, Sunday April 27. Click the Read More button for more info!

23  Apr  2014

Z-Pies close to opening

Some new signs, menu posted, inside peek.

5  Feb  2012

Restaurant Buzz

Get up to speed on what just opened and what's in the pipeline.

2  Nov  2011

Around Downtown - CommRow and More

CommRow improvements and more.

3  Sep  2011

West Street Market Update

West Street Market Construction

14  Aug  2011

Campo, Sup, Bowl, Chocolate Bar, and more

Various Tidbits

7  Aug  2011

Various Downtown Tidbits

More info on the West Street Market lease, another company locates downtown, and two new restaurants are in the pipeline.

20  Jun  2011

Various Tidbits

Possible new tenant for West Street Market, Gourmelt at Amendment 21 Lot from 11-2 today, and more.

8  Jun  2011

West Street Market

West Street Market

City Council to address West Street Market today and consider options.

23  Mar  2011

Various Redevelopment News

Sierra Spirit news, RDA news and more. 

27  Feb  2009