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MidTown Retail Project Progress

Private street looks nearly complete.

5  Jan  2012

Sweet Treats by Kyle Coming Soon

Setting up shop in the 100 West Liberty Building/Museum Tower/Porsche Building.

5  Jan  2012

Shamrock Motel Demo

Another weekly motel downtown comes down.

12  Jan  2012

Work on Rumored Italian Restaurant

Rumored Italian restaurant?

12  Jan  2012

Midtown Tour

Construction photos plus photos of recently completed projects and favorite hotspots.

15  Jan  2012

Various Tidbits

City council items, two bakeries and more.

24  Jan  2012

A trip to Rounds Bakery, under construction downtown

Bagels and donuts and much more coming to downtown Reno in March.

26  Jan  2012

New Mixed Use Project Slated for Wells Avenue

New infill project on South Wells Avenue to revitalize the run-down Deluxe Laundry building just east of the roundabout.

28  Jan  2012

Z-Pies close to opening

Some new signs, menu posted, inside peek.

5  Feb  2012

Reno Aces Promo Schedule

Lots of great promos for the 2012 season!

6  Feb  2012

Midtown Project Photos

Large sidewalks being poured, plus new Midtown Merchantile business open.

7  Feb  2012

Silver Legacy's Parent Company Owe a Bunch of Money

RGJ is reporting its parent company owes $142 million in mortgage notes before March 1.

8  Feb  2012