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Morris Hotel In High Gear for Summer

Check out some recent additions to the Morris Hotel, plus plans for future renovations over the summer.

23  May  2014

Ice Rink Downtown to be Relocated

Ice Rink Downtown to be Relocated

Due to the Virginia Street Bridge replacement, the ice rink downtown located on the Virginia Street plaza in front of City Hall will be relocated temporarily to the Reno Aces Ball Park. Read on for the details and some extra tidbits that slipped out during the meeting.

29  May  2014

Bundox Property Purchased

The Bundox site located on Second and Lake has been purchased. This property has an interesting history to it.

31  May  2014

Art Spot Art Walk Tonight!

Art Spot Art Walk Tonight!

Restaurants, galleries and businesses in the downtown Reno Arts District are bustling every first Thursday because of Art Walk Reno.

5  Jun  2014

Historic Tours on 4th Street Corridor Explore Reno's History

On June 14th history lovers will have three unique ways to explore the rich history of the 4th Street corridor in central Reno, via walking, biking, or bussing it. Check it out!

5  Jun  2014

Shakespeare At The Lear - Midsummer Night's Dream

What better place to experience Shakespeare than in front of the Lear Theater! Performances every Friday Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 June 13 through 29.

5  Jun  2014

Midtown: Drive-Thru or No Drive-Thru?

Being pushed through Reno Planning and City Council is a request for an alley abandonment for Pueblo Avenue surrounding the redevelopment project for Heritage Bank. This will allow for at least one drive through, possiby two, for this project, in a district designated as pedestrian-oriented development.

The Midtown Merc's are being awfully quiet about this, leading me to wonder if they are aware of it, or simply don't care/not on their radar.

11  Jun  2014

Positively 4th Street Showcases Neighborhood Pride

Positively 4th Street Showcases Neighborhood Pride

One of the coolest things about Reno is there are a ton of people here who give a damn. From the Biggest Little City Campaign to Midtown and West of Wells taking the reigns of their own neighborhood, there are a lot of people who invest serious amounts of time and money into showing other locals and tourists just how cool our urban corridor is.

The latest example of this is the Positively 4th Street event, now in its second year. At its core, this is a group of business owners who are fed up with the bad wrap that 4th Street consistently gets. The East 4th corridor has actually cleaned up quite a bit over the years, but often falls under the radar of locals and tourists seeking a good time.

Here's your chance to see how passionate these business owners are about their own neighborhood, and what the East 4th Street corridor has to offer.



12  Jun  2014

Siegel Group to Probably Acquire El Cortez Downtown

Siegel Group to Probably Acquire El Cortez Downtown

Siegel Group has had their eyes set on El Cortez for a while, as ReReno reported here months ago, but now it looks like the sale will be completed shortly.

13  Jun  2014

NadaDada Invades Your Senses This Weekend

NadaDada Invades Your Senses This Weekend

It's time for one of the most eclectic, fun, rule-breaking art movements in Reno...Nada Dada Motel! Take a break from the traditional art scene in Reno and step into a world that you would probably rarely if ever visit in 'real life.'


17  Jun  2014

Lost City Flower Farm

Lost City Farm is embarking on their second downtown farm journey with Lost City Flower Farm, located just west of SoDo on Ridge, and just east of Pignic.

Lookin' good girls!

18  Jun  2014