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Wells Avenue Bungalow District Graffiti Cleanup

Help clean up your neighborhood and community.

13  May  2011

Bosma Group Moves Downtown

Another company to relocate from the edge of town to downtown.

14  May  2011

New Discovery Museum Windows

New giant windows installed on the east side of Nevada Discovery Museum.

14  May  2011

Fitzgerald's Signs Come Down

Fitz signs coming down.

19  May  2011

Virgnia Street Bridge Replacement Meeting

Virgnia Street Bridge Replacement Meeting

Committees meeting for an update and presentation.

20  May  2011

Sundance Bookstore to Move Downtown

Into a gorgeous historic mansion on the corner of California and Sierra.

23  May  2011

Y Downtown Wellness Center

Open-air, lots of natural lighting, spacious locker rooms.

28  May  2011

CommRow Permits Filed, And Off They Go! Plus A Few Others

CommRow's main permits filed, permits for 401 Ryland and more.

31  May  2011

South Downtown / Mid Town Walk

Photos of activity south of downtown.

4  Jun  2011

Various Tidbits

Possible new tenant for West Street Market, Gourmelt at Amendment 21 Lot from 11-2 today, and more.

8  Jun  2011

New Parking Meters Downtown

Will be installed over the summer.

8  Jun  2011

Nevada Discovery Museum Tour

Check out some of the exhibits in detail. I got a tour, and the scope, size and details of the exhibits blew me away.

13  Jun  2011