New apartments break ground, new housing permits, new Kimpton activity, more

by Mike Van Houten / May 17, 2023

New apartments break ground, new housing permits, new Kimpton activity, more

126 Winter Street Breaks Ground 

126 Winter Street has broken ground. This project, whose permit for the foundation is here, will be a five story apartment complex with 64 units.

Senior Apartments on 7th

A permit has been submitted for a five-story tall senior apartment building on a vacant lot on Sutro and 7th Street, bordering I-80. The permit reads:  COMMERCIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION. FOUR-STORY SENIOR APT BLDG, ABOVE ONE-STORY PARKING GARAGE, SITE WORK INCLUDED. Here's a link to the parcel info, where you can find a Parcel Map to locate exactly where it is. 

597 Grand Canyon Project Goes Vertical

This is a massive project just east of Wells Avenue, with permits for it here, here, here, here and I'm probably missing a couple. The project will be 14 townhouses and 12 apartments with an affordable component.

130 South Wells

A permit to change this one-story building on South Wells Avenue just south of Mill Street, a gorgeous old brick building that used to be a print company. This could be a great adaptive re-use project. The permit reads: CHANGE OF USE. RENOVATION OF THE EXISTING 2,665 SF, ONE STORY BUILDING INTO A 12-BED WOMEN'S DORM AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 288 SF STORAGE BUILDING.

Some Movement on Kimpton Project? 

As I reported back in April, the Kimpton project seemed to have stalled out since its groundbreaking ceremony, with the developer pretty silent on why. The only clue was in the original grading permit, which indicated the permit and project came to a standstill because of a sewer line and grading. I noticed two new permits for re-plumbing of Park Tower and 260 Island Avenue, and I'm wondering if it has to do with the permit issue. Could it be some forward movement? 

Reversion to Acreage Permit for Sutro Property

Here's a Reversion to Acreage permit for 839 Sutro, a property of previously four units on the corner of 9th and Sutro. The company name attached to the permit is 'Two Sparks Holding' which, when you visit their web site, perhaps not coincidentally has a project called 'Sutro Senior Sanctuary (Affordable)' with a rendering of it on the corner of 9th and Sutro. Often what a reversion to acreage does is combine two or more properties a developer owns into a single parcel, sometimes to develop a large project on it. 

Best Bet Bought by Stremmel

The Best Bet Lodge, located at 941 South Virginia Street, was formerly a weekly motel bought by Kramer Properties in 2020 and was in the process of being remodeled into apartments, applying Kramer's formula of converting them into apartments and charging between $1000-$1200 for the newly renovated units. However work mysteriously stopped midway through, last year, and the project as a whole, went up for sale. According to Washoe records, it was swooped up by 941 S Virgnia Street LLC, of which Piper Stremmel is listed as manager. They probably didn't want to see this property fall into the wrong hands again. The sale price/value was $2,125,000.

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