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Memorial Tribute
  • Memorial Tribute
    An elderly lady places little American flags in downtown Reno in front of the Federal Courthouse
  • Art
    Artwork on a large scale in front of the Nevada Museum of Art in the Cal Ave district downtown
  • The Hardy House
    The Hardy House in Cal Ave, was once a restaurant called the Aero Club among other things. It's currently being renovated and re-landscaped into a new business.
  • Cal Ave
    Busy California Avenue in downtown Reno is a shopping mecca of boutique stores and hip restaurants.
  • Origins
    Perfect example of re-using historic bungalows downtown for smaller businesses.
  • Zen
    Another example in the Cal Ave area of reuse of existing 1920s craftsman buildings.
  • Home Sweet Home
    Residents who live in these historic loft-style apartments love them.
  • Bank of America downtown
    One block over from California Avenue is Bank of America, which the building front was recently remodelled, and rumor has it a Bibo's is going in the lobby.
  • Old and the New
    Old architecture blends in with newer office buildings in the Financial District
  • Pegs
    Pegs Ham and Eggs, as of this writing, was labeled by Esquire as the best breakfast in the USA.
  • Cal Ave Apts
    This building has a rich history and low resident turnover.
  • Shop shop shop
    One of the little shopping meccas that line California Ave in downtown Reno.
  • Pizzzzza
    Blue Moon Pizza on California Avenue
  • Blue Plate
    Blue Plate on Cal Ave
  • Cal Ave
    Cute building on Cal Ave
  • Victorian House
    Victorian Mansion that serves home to several businesses
  • The business district one block north of Cal Ave
  • Craftsman art
    Art with a hint of Arts and Crafts architecture
  • Federal Court House
  • Federal Court House
  • Historic Mansion
  • Statue
  • mmm Chocolate Bar
    The Chocolate Bar in downtown Reno serves amazing dessert, and is adding a full kitchen.

  • West and First Street
    The corner of West and First Street is the heart of WeFi in downtown Reno. This is taken just after a rare summer rain.
  • West and First Street
    WeFi after a rare summer rain.
  • Wefi
    The corner theater parcel addition was finished completed recently and almost instantly filled up with such hip tenants as Coldstone Creamery, Divine Ultra Lounge, and Taco Del Mar.
  • Ross Manor Apartments
    Now here isa building with some class. Ross Manor Apts. is home to an eclectic mix of students, European-Americans, and downtown workers. The building is absolutely gorgeous, and in perfect condition.
  • More brick
    Another piece of amazing architecture downtown.
  • Restored and Explored
    This building was just screaming for a new tenant. Enter Imperial Bar and Lounge, and you'll get a wide open space with exposed rafters.
  • Pretty colors
    There are an amazing amount of trees downtown lining the streets.
  • A local brand
    Reno envy!
  • Spinilicious
    Dave Boyer is a great guy, I know him personally. His amazing kinetic wind sculptures downtown have been twinkling and shining and twirling since 2003. I believe there are over 63 of them. The most dramatic spinning effects can be seen on the corner of Arlington and First Streets, where its nearly always windy.
  • Arlington Retail
    The retail in this building stood empty for years and years...now some of the hippest hangouts are here.
  • Beautiful
    More examples of the beauty of downtown.
  • Fall Colors
    Fall Colors downtown
  • Iron fencing
  • Wall Art
  • Downtown reno water-wise garden
    Right near the West Street Plaza in the heart of WeFi you'll find an example of a water-wise garden complete with plant and shrub names and information.
  • Gas Lamp Style Lights
    Downtown Reno has been conforming to a new type of lighting style over the past few years, and it brigns a lot uniformity downtown. The most recent striking construction projects involving these are the Virginia Street improvement project, the West Steet median, and the Reno Events Center.
  • West Street Median
    As a side-project of the Virginia Street improvement project, West Street received a prety median with landscaping and lighting.

  • Downtown Reno at night
    Downtown Reno at night
  • Virginia St Bridge
    Historic Virginia Street Bridge downtown Reno
  • Art Pylons
    One of several shiny pylons that glow fantastic colors at night...explains the history of the Mapes and other Reno facts, can be viewed at night as well as during the day.
  • San Francisco Style
    Just south of downtown is a neighborhood of San Francisco style row-housing.
  • Idlewild Park Reno
  • Riverwalk
    One of the many water features you will spot walking along the Riverwalk.
  • Summer downtown
  • Summer downtown Reno
  • Palladio
    The Palladio stands underneath some interesting cloud formations
  • Park Towers upgrade
    A crane is involved in upgrading the community areas atop Park Towers
  • The Riverwalk
  • Whitewater Park
  • Wingfield Park downtown
  • City Hall
  • Pedestrian Bridge
    A pedestrian bridge downtown links Wingfield to First Street
  • 250 Bell Street Rehab
    Cathexis Studio, the Reno Bike Project, and others make this drab-to-fab rehab home.
  • 250 Bell Street Complex
  • 250 Bell Street Complex
  • City Center Apartments
    Low cost living without sacrificng aesthetics
  • City Center Apts
  • 5th Street Starbucks
    A modern new structure was completed and is home to Starbucks and a couple of other high end eateries.
  • 210 North
    210 North started to new club movement downtown, by adding several levels of class to the mix. This is not your average night club.
  • 2nd Street downtown
    2nd Street downtown Reno with Riverwalk Towers in the distance.
  • New Retail
    This old brick building is currently under renovation across from the Montage, and is rumored to be a Southwestern style restaurant.
  • The City Parking Garage
    The City Paring Garage is home to some old old cars!
  • Riverside Artist Lofts
    A success story downtown of an Artists co-op. Working artists get a steal on 1200+ square foot lofts in this building.
  • The Palladio
  • Wild River Grill
    Wild River Grill, downtown Reno
  • Riverside Artists Lofts
  • Wild River Grill downtown Reno
  • Riverwalk Fountains
  • Riverwalk
  • Downtown Reno
  • Fancy fencing
    along the Riverwalk, downtown Reno
  • Biggest Little City
    One of the older Reno arches, near the Siena and Auto Museum
  • Memorial
    a Plaque memorializing the horrible tragedy that claimed 8 people's lives at the historic Mizpah Hotel in downtown Reno.
  • Amtrak Station downtown
    Amtrak Station downtown
  • Amtrak Station
    Amtrak Station
  • Pedestrian Bridge
    A pedestrian bridge linking the Amtrak station to a location of future retail
  • Silver Legacy
    Silver Legacy
  • Flutist
    Flutist performance artist downtown
  • Reno
  • Downtown Reno
  • Court House
    Court House
  • Mills Lane Building
    Mills Lane Building
  • Traffic Box Art
    One of the more recent endeavors to beautify downtown was the painting of traffic light control boxes.

  • Tree City USA!
    Tree City USA!
  • City Seal
  • Wells Fargo Building
    Wells Fargo Building
  • Old court house
    The old court house downtown
  • Reno plaque
  • Fall colors downtown
    Fall colors, downtown Reno
  • Wall Art
  • Kayaker in the Truckee
    Kayaker in the Truckee
  • our New Virginia St
    Recently narrowed Virginia Street
  • Wide walkin
    Wide sidewalks downtown mean easy walking for tourists and residents
  • Historic Post Office
    Historic post ofice will soon be converted to retail
  • Downtown Reno farmer's market
    Farmer's Market in downtown Reno attracts those interested in supporting local farmers and growers.
  • Reno farmer's market
  • Downtown Reno Farmer's Market
    Downtown Reno Farmer's Market
  • Truckee River downtown
    Truckee River downtown
  • Riverwalk
  • Truckee River
    Truckee River
  • Whitewater Park
    Whitewater Park
  • Banks of the Truckee
    Banks of the Truckee
  • Summer in downtown Reno
    Summer in downtown Reno
  • Summer in downtown Reno
    Summer in downtown Reno
  • Truckee River
  • Flower power
    Hundreds of flower baskets hang in downtown Reno, and are switched out seasonally. Check out the current Christmas baskets they rock!
  • Wingfield Park
    Wingfield Park
  • Downtown Reno
    Downtown Reno
  • Whitewater Park
    Whitewater Park
  • Train trench
    The ReTRAC Train Trench runs through downtown Reno, and was a momumental project that spurred development downtown.
  • Auto Art
    Art by the Auto Museum on Mill Street

  • Siena Tower
    The Siena's tower looms in the distance
  • Plant this
    A pretty plant
  • View from Palladio
    The view from one of Palladio's models.
  • Looking down on First Street from the Palladio
  • Palladio View
  • Palladio Patio
    Palladio patio just waiting for retail to come in.
  • Traffic Box Art
    More traffic box art.

Memorial Tribute