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My Favorite Muffin

My Favorite Muffin is located on California Avenue has is a long time staple of residents in the area. You can smell the muffins cooking from a block away.

My Favorite Muffin has perfected the bagel experience. From the wide variety to exclusive cream cheese spreads not available anywhere else, if you are bagel lover, you need to check this place out.

In addition, they serve up fresh deli sandwiches, pizza and other goodies for lunch. There is a wide variety of sandwiches available at My Favorite Muffin, including toasted, traditional deli like corned beef and pastrami, mile high sandwiches and exclusive recipes that will make your mouth water.

And any review wouldn't be complete without mentioning their cake-like muffins. They are prepared with soybean oil rather than butter or margarine, which produces a gourmet muffin low in cholesterol but high in taste.

All of their muffins come with complementary cup of coffee.



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