Imperial Bar and Lounge

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Imperial Bar and Lounge


Imperial Lounge Reno

Wide Open Space
I borrowed the above pic from Minx's great review of Imperial Lounge's opening night. I don't think she'll mind too much, we've been known to share things...all in the name of downtown Reno.

And after all...this bar is practically right under her feet, located on Arlington Avenue, and renovating a building that needed a good makeover. And what a makeover it is! The giant accordion window opens up to let fresh air in, and creates a union of sorts between indoors and outdoors. The ceilings are huge, I'm guessing at least 17 feet, and I love exposed brick walls.....its one reason I migrate to Starbucks on California Ave, and why I own a brick home. Exposed steel beams running across the roof give a slight industrial feel. The food is good, and its non smoking, so they serve a pretty good selection of food, and brew.



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