Wells Avenue Bungalows


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Wells Ave Bungalow District
  • Wells Ave Bungalow District
  • Adaptive Re-Use Business
    Adaptive Re-Use Business
  • Yards Cleaning Up
    Lots of yards in this area are cleaning up.
  • Neighbors new sprinkler system
    A few bocks away a resident tests out their new sprinkler system
  • Flowers
    Another example of a stunning yard in the bungalow district
  • Neighborhood Watch
    That's right! Don't mess with us in this neighborhood. We're watching you. Expect more signs like this to go up soon.
  • New Replaces Old
    Everyone who is a resident in this neighborhood who walks around is familiar with this project. An old run-down home once occupied this lot. A cool guy most of this neighborhood knows is building a new home here, piece by piece, himself, with the help of an elderly gentleman I occasionally see on-site, probably teaching him the 'old ways' of homebuilding. We all can't wait to see how it turns out. Keep up the good work W!
  • Another shot
    Another shot of a new home in the Wells Ave area.
  • Cottage
    Another cute cottage with a cleaned up yard.
  • 8 On Center
    Nice shot of 8 On Center with a few old homes in the background.
  • Holcomb Avenue
    Holcomb Avenue

Wells Ave Bungalow District