Holcomb Place Townhomes Construction


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  • Construction
    Townhouses at Holcomb PLace underway
  • Townhouses at Holcomb Place Construction
    Townhouses at Holcomb Place
  • Plaza
    No More Ice Rink
  • Ready for Spring
    Ready for Spring and Summer events
  • Perilous Job
    Cleaning windows at the Palladio on a nice sunny day.
  • Palladio
  • New art
    New art on the Riverwalk
  • Tree trimming at Wingfield
  • Way up high
    Goodbye old Cottonwoods
  • Montage Glass
    The large windows of the Montage penthouses
  • Montage
  • Sierra Street
    Can't wait until the large windows are installed along Sierra.
  • New facade I hope
    I hope something will be done with this facade of the Fitz
  • Family Assistance Center
    Looking Good
  • Family Assistance Center
  • Baseball Site
    No more motel onsite
  • Freight House work
    Abatement work on the Freight House