Downtown Reno in the Evening


Downtown Walk 8-16-07

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Posted by: Crystal - 8/18/2007 9:12:21 AM
Nice pictures. Those Montage decks looks big enough to actually put some patio furniture out.

Pink Cloud
  • Pink Cloud
    A Pink Clouds lingers near Arlington Towers
  • Palladio
    Palladio's windows reflect a gorgeous sunset
  • Pink Cloud over the Truckee
    A calm Truckee River flows underneath a solitary cloud
  • Truckee River
    The Truckee River flows through downtown Reno under a beautiful sunset
  • First Street at night
  • Grant's Landing
    Poor Grant's Landing still sits with no activity. I was told foundations would be poured within a couple weeks, but that was three weeks ago. I hope this project moves forward.
  • A Planter at the Riverwalk
  • Decks on the Montage!
    Montage construction moving along nicely
  • Another view of the Decks on the Montage
  • Close up of decks being installed on Montage
  • Another Closeup
  • Scaffolding
  • Head on view of the decks and paint scheme.
  • Montage Decks

Pink Cloud