Wild River Grille

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Wild River Grille

The Wild River Grille is located right on the Truckee River inside the historic Riverside Artists Lofts. It has one of the best outdoor dining venues in town complete with live entertainment. They recently doubled the size of the restaurant due to popularity.

The moment you approach Wild River Grille you can tell it's a class act, with staff greeting you right at the door and seating you.

My only beef with Wild River Grille is that the seafood portions are a bit small for the price. Entrees range from $15-$25. I like to eat, and left still feeling a bit hungry.

What is delicious though, and I highly recommend, is the meatloaf. That's right, I said meatloaf! Their meatloaf is really good, and rises above comfort food level. Then again, my mom never quite perfected meatloaf when I was a child so I don't have much to compare it to.

Wild River Grille also has great happy hour drinks and prices. During the summer, the ambiance of dining outdoors with the Truckee River in the background and live entertainment is unforgettable and I definitely suggest trying it out on a warm summer night.



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Posted by: Sam Drunn - 1/8/2012 6:55:18 PM
For the price, go elsewhere.

Posted by: ollagal - 10/6/2016 2:56:02 PM
I tried to have a late lunch there with my dad. I had my dog with me and they said one minute and went inside and never came out again. I could see the hostess at the desk inside the restaurant. After 5 minutes we left. Not a good first impression and I won't go back because of that. It was strange.