Silver Peak Grill and Taphouse

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Silver Peak Grill and Taphouse

See the photo above? That's pretty much the scene at Silver Peak from the moment it opens until close, on a daily basis. It is THE center for some of the best beer in the valley, and their food is quite amazing too. With the proximity to the movie theater, riverwalk, etc, it is always bustling with people.

It's particularly popular with the 20 and 30-something crowds. If you're an elder, you may feel a bit strange eating here although you certainly won't get any evil stares or bad service. Speaking of service, this restaurant has extremely prompt and courteous service with a smile, not to sound cliche but it's true.

The floor-to-ceiling glass walls makes the place seem bigger than it is, and provides for good people watching. They don't take reservations, but do give you a buzzer if there's a long wait.

As for the food, Silver Peak makes a mean hamburger. Nice and juicy and cooked to perfection. Also, their salmon fish and chips are to die for. But really, it's about the beer, and Silver Peak is known for some of the best brews in town.



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Posted by: Michiganman - 5/26/2010 10:28:36 AM
Had dinner here last night. Got there during happy hour, about 6:30. Loved the atmosphere. The food and the service were great. Two dinners, an appetizer, and two beers and we were out the door in under $40 tip included. I had the IPA, was very pleased with it. We will definitely be back.

Posted by: sandra kitchener - 5/12/2013 9:52:57 AM
Always, Always, Always a great meal and Above Par Service!