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UPDATE 3-25-07: Added Web Site Link: http://thefareastcorner.com/

UPDATE 1/29/07
- DOWNTOWN SPEAKS: FAR EAST CORNER - Tucked away in the recently bustling Arlington Towers retail spaces, is the Far East Corner, a store specialing in imports from the Far East. I was curious to know how they were doing, given the fact La Bassola is leaving WeFi. Her store is doing good! Denise's response, "It is so nice to hear from you. I am still here. In fact, my 1 year anniversary is Feb 18, which coincidently is Chinese New Year.  I should have an event, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.  I have just taken over the Marketing Commitee chairmanship for the River Walk Merchants Association.   We are going to try to be much more visible to the public so that we can survive down here.  We also are going to try to be more active in a volunteering capicity as a group.  We are going to be involved in the Marathon De Mayo, both as a sponsor and as volunteers and we are going to be active in helping out Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  We also hope to develop more family friendly activities in the West Street Plaza. We, as River Walk/ Art District merchants want to help develop a great atmosphere here."

The Far East Corner brings items of beauty, interest and fun to a previously bleak and barren corner of the Arlington Towers building by the Truckee River in downtown Reno.

In fact, not just the corner of the building that holds The Far East Corner, but the entire ground floor of the building has been empty and unused for many years.

Denise Rush, the owner of The Far East Corner, watched as this Riverwalk area, also known as the Art District, has become livelier over the past few years. With the water park at the river, the revitalization of West and First Streets, and the activities of Art Town in July, this area has become a hub of excitement and activity for residents and tourists alike. Denise said she wants to become part of the rebirth of downtown, which is a fitting statement for a store that sells cool stuff from the Far East.

Arlington Towers has been a landmark building in Reno since 1968. It was one of the first condo high rises in Reno and as such, one cannot deny its impact on the Reno skyline.  Unfortunately, the ground floor office/retail spaces have remained empty for years. So Denise decided to take a chance. "I know that there are reasons that it sat empty, a lack of parking probably being the main problem, but I decided to go for it," Denise said. "Call it stupidity or insight, only time will tell. I renovated my little store area and waited for others to join in bringing this building back to life. Now there is a Teahouse/ Bar opening across the hall and several parties are looking at the larger spaces, especially the dramatic front of the building with its huge wall of windows facing 1 st street."

The Far East Corner is a work in progress. It started with a container shipped from China containing antique furniture, porcelain, and jewelry and has evolved into a fascinating boutique of new and old furniture, décor, gifts, jewelry and now a fun and funky line of clothing and purses.

The Far East Corner is in the north west corner of the Arlington Towers building facing Arlington Ave, but on the East Side of Arlington, fittingly enough :)


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