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Reno's Revitalization Projects - Our Story

Since the mid 1990's, downtown Reno has been undergoing a steady revitalization effort. If you add the number of projects up, it's truly astonishing what has been accomplished in such a short period of time.

Downtown Reno's renaissance began in the mid 1990's with the Raymond I. Smith Truckee River Walk. This was constructed amid much controversy as many folks in Reno thought building a river walk in the middle of a run-down city center was the most ridiculous idea ever contrived. However in the coming years they were soon proven wrong. The River Walk has seven water features and original sculptures of native Nevada wildlife.  It can be accessed from the Virginia Street Bridge near the Riverside Artist Lofts.

After the Riverwalk came Riverside Artist Lofts, then the movie theater, more retail. Meanwhile, casinos were closing, one after the other. Harold's Club, Flamingo, Fiztgeralds, Nevada Club, Golden Phoenix, Comstock, Sundowner, all shuttered their doors. Downtown became empty pretty quick. But then developers stepped in, created living residences.

Project Graveyard

Along the way, many projects moved through the Redevelopment Agency never came to be, even after being approved by the RDA/City Council and Planning Commision. In many ways, it's a blessing some of these weren't constructed, as we would have a much more empty downtown. There are other projects which I still feel today would have been good in-fill, such as Grant's Landing and the Nevadan Tower.

Facade improvement Program
Extended Eco-Channel
South Virginia COmplete PRoject
The Waterfront
Thoma Street Lofts
Grant's Landing
Wingfield Towers


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