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Park Tower in Reno rises over the Truckee River with vibrant colors

Park Towers is one of the few residential towers on the South side of the Truckee River. Located on busy urban Arlington and Island Dr., most units overlook Wingfield Park, thus offering a front-side seat for all the concerts downtown during the summer. And in the winter, Park Towers is cast in a soft glow from holiday lights strung throughout Wingfield Park.

The tower, built in 1961, was dramatically repainted in 1991 with a multi-colored scheme that people either loved or hated. I personally love it, it adds to the natural color swatches downtown, and the building fits in better with its surroundings. Inside, the building is 1960's chic, so if you are interested in purchasing or renting a unit, it might be a good idea to make sure it was remodeled or renovated, or at least upgraded from its original 1961 status.

There are currently a few units available for purchase, including a penthouse.


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Posted by: Lisa - 1/31/2012 10:44:21 AM
As of today they do not allow dogs over 25 pounds.

Posted by: Greg Stephenson - 4/14/2014 4:05:03 PM
Beautiful area....would love to find a way to get in touch with an owner of one of the 1 bedrooms to rent. gms818@gmail.com

Park Tower