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IMG 5957
  • IMG 5957
    Reno City Councilman Dave Aiazzi relaxes before the ceremony begins
  • IMG 5958
    Camera crews work to set up shop before the ceremony begins
  • IMG 5961
    Local media interview Fernando Leal from L3 Development, and some Montage residents
  • IMG 5964
    Kevin Knutsen from the City of Reno
  • IMG 5965
  • IMG 5966
    Guests and residents sit down with local news crews at The Montage
  • IMG 5967
    The ribbon!
  • IMG 5969
    Invitees start to arrive in the lobby of the Montage
  • IMG 5972
    Fernando Leal from L3 Development chats with some Montage residents
  • IMG 5973
    Mayor Cashell chattin' it up.
  • IMG 5974
    Fernando Leal chats with Montage residents.
  • IMG 5975
  • IMG 5977
  • IMG 5982
  • IMG 5984
    Redevelopment Administrator Mark Lewis in the far left of the photo
  • IMG 5987
  • IMG 5989
  • IMG 5990
    Andrew Pridgen (right) from Tahoe Ticker, a Lake Tahoe news and entertainment portal web site, interviews a Montage resident.
  • IMG 5991
    The crowd forms a circle around Fernando Leal and the other speakers.
  • IMG 5994
    Ellen Oppenheim from Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority gives major props to Fernando and his accomplishments in downtown Reno thus far
  • IMG 5997
    RSCVA director Ellen Oppenheim
  • IMG 5998
    Jessica Sferrazza, City of Reno Public Relations guru Terri Henry, and Mark Lewis, Redevelopment Administrator, listen in on the speech.
  • IMG 5999
    Fernando gives Ellen a big hug
  • IMG 6000
    I believe this is Chuck Alvey, president of EDAWN, although I didn't catch his name in Fernando's introduction.
  • IMG 6001
    I believe this is Chuck Alvey from EDAWN, although I didn't catch his name in Fernando's introduction.
  • IMG 6002
    Milton Glick from the University of Nevada Reno explains how Fernando's project is a catalyst project for future development between the University of Nevada Reno and downtown.
  • IMG 6005
    Mayor Cashell listens in
  • IMG 6008
    Mayor Cashell gave major love to L3 Development during his speech, explaining he felt the Baseball folks wouldn't have built their stadium downtown had it not been for other active projects downtown like the Montage.
  • IMG 6009
    Mayor Cashell speaking
  • IMG 6010
    Time for Toast!
  • IMG 6011
    The Toast
  • IMG 6013
    The Toast
  • IMG 6018
    Fernando Leal invites all the Montage residents up to cut the ribbon.
  • IMG 6021
    Cutting the ribbon: Montage residents and Fernando Leal
  • IMG 6022
  • IMG 6026
    The crowd in The Montage's lobby.
  • IMG 6034
    A view from one of the model decks
  • IMG 6038
  • IMG 6040
    Several groups were led on tours throughout the building.
  • IMG 6041
  • IMG 6042

IMG 5957