10 North Virginia Plaza

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10 North Virginia Plaza

This site functions as an outdoor ice rink the winter time. It's highly recommended for a fun family-friendly time, ice skating with the Truckee Riverwalk and City Hall decorated for the holidays. During the summer, you'll see events like the Battle Born Derby Demons all-female roller derby bouts, concerts and Art Town related events and more.

The majestic Mapes hotel once stood here, and was a spot frequented by many movie stars. However, after the Mapes closed its doors its fate was eventually sealed when no developer wanted to touch the building, which had serious structural and column support problems. Contrary to public belief, the council wanted to save the building, and councilmember Dave Aiazzi even offered up 10% of his net worth to any developer who wanted to buy and resotre the Mapes.

No one wanted the old brick art deco building, so it was imploded. After the dust cleared, the council had to decide what the property would become.

The City decided that the space to replace the Mapes should be a public plaza, and after years of design planning, it happened. We now have a permanent ice rink downtown although the city is still struggling to find uses for the plaza in the summer.

A large iconic canopy was to be built over the ice rink, however it was later decided by the council that money would be better used to finish the train trench cover instead.