80 Foot Specialized BRT
APTS Phileas 80 & 85
Full low-floor bus with European exterior/ interior styling and magnetic guidance system
Length  80 and 85ft
Width 100 in
Height 123 in
Curb Weight
47,600 lbs
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Capacity, Floor & Doors
Comfort Items and Amenities
Seats 46 to 52 (forward facing)
Low interior and exterior noise
Standees 125-133 (6 passengers/m )
Futuristic and innovative styling
Spacious interior feel, front axle under
Full low floor (100%)
driver and rear axle under the motor
4 (one side) or 8 (two sides) doors
High quality passenger information,
audible and visual systems
Flexibility, large doors both sides
Fully independent suspension
Electronics Options
GPS, AVL, APC, Video surveillance
Transit signal priority
Electronic fare payment
Electronic automatic guidance until 50
Fuel and Propulsion
mph with magnetic markers
Automatic precision docking
Allison Parallel Hybrid-Electric
All-wheel steering
Fuel economy is at least 25% greater than
Precision docking
comparable European vehicles due to
hybrid system and light weight body.
Lightweight corrosion-resistant
monocoque body
Region of Eindhoven, Netherlands BRT
Customers and Applications
Region of Douai, France
License agreement with South Korea
Website: www.apts-phileas.com
Contact: apts.info@apts-phileas.com
Revised: June, 2006