The 5 Star Saloon

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The 5 Star Saloon

The 5 Star! This ever-evolving bar downtown is a gar bar, straight bar, and everything in between. Though it tries to classify itself as a gay bar, most will tell you it's mnore of a mixed crowd.

While this was once considered a dive bar, it's anything but, as decor from the now-closed Rise Nightclub has seeped over, turning the rear bar of the 5 Star into an ultra-lounge of sorts, yet still sporting a pool table.

John and Claudia are my favorite bartenders. Regulars are treated well here, and newcomers are encouraged to become regulars lol. The bar can get pretty crazy on the weekends, and on Friday and Saturday night would be considered a late-night bar with crowds forming around one to two in the morning.

During the week the bar is mostly empty, and feels more like a locals bar where you can get into some great conservations with the bartender because it's so dead.

The 5 Star has a limited food menu as well. Music ranges from hip-hop to Top 40. Rarely do they play EDM/dance.