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For a broader brush "east end revitalization summary" PICTURE that goes beyond the Trench Study and examines the overall impact of 17 possible near-term and longer-term changes, see below with corresponding color guide and table underneath. With a little motivation and hard work, the City and developers/investors could completely transform the east side of downtown.

Blue - possible public projects Yellow - possible retail projects Orange - possible mixed use projects (retail and residential) Green - possible residential projects Pink - possible river enhancements Gray - potential redevelopment (unknown type)

East Downtown Reno

1)       Current RTC Bus station – Currently being sold to the Redevelopment Agency who will then turn it over to SK/Baseball/Nevada Land 2 for future retail development. SK Baseball will reinburse the city for the cost of buying this property from RTC.
2)       Conversion of unused street level portion of Bowling Stadium with new pedestrian bridge connecting to Old Train Depot – proposed transition to NEW RETAIL/RESTAURANT
3)       Proposed New RTC station (completion 2010?) – Currently under construction
4)       Men’s Club block – possible transition to NEW RETAIL/RESTAURANT
5)       Baseball Stadium!
6)       Aging Residential Motels on four prime riverfront parcels - two of which are owned by the redevelopment agency and boarded up.  Prime future redevelopment candidates.
7)       Possible redevelopment of Police Station parcel if the proposed new Public Safety facility is built on Keystone – type of possible redevelopment unknown.
8)       Grants Landing – Project completely scrapped.
9)       Possible new Residential (bought by Ryder Homes and rezoned multifamily)
10)     Townhouses at Holcomb Place – Completed
11)     Waterfront – Approved Mixed Use (residential and retail)
12)     Waterfront sales office parcel - future redevelopment candidate after Waterfront completion. 
13)     10 North Plaza and proposed canopy (projected completion 2008)
14)     10 North Plaza Retail Component (projected completion 2008)
15)     Proposed Post Office conversion to retail and River Access Plaza (projected completion 2009)
16)     Eco-Channel River Project (projected completion 2007)
17)     Second Whitewater Park Project - $3.3 million earmarked for construction 


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Posted by: Steve - 3/16/2007 10:44:43 AM
Great map Mike! I could really see a pocket park on the gray parcel (6) just across the river from where Grants Landing is being built and the 2nd Kayak course is supposed to be constructed. Then put in a pedestrian bridge across the river between the new park and where Museum Dr dead ends. Add some pines along 2nd street to screen the traffic a bit. Then, folks will gather there to watch and participate in the river activities. They will also cross 2nd to the proposed Freight House project which I really hope will someday include a small specialty grocer and/or a regularly scheduled farmers market.

Posted by: Paul - 3/16/2007 11:04:43 AM
If I was going to invest in downtown it would be in this area, if the City can get these projects going.

Posted by: Harry Prudential - 3/16/2007 11:07:11 AM
The Freight House project and Waterfront will be the main anchors for this district. Didn't realize the potential for development but when you look at it from the air, it's quite an impressive collection of properies that are ready for redevelopment.

Posted by: Aiden - 3/16/2007 11:41:26 AM
I heard they were moving the police station when the new one is built over on Keystone.....but didnt hear anything about moving the Fire Station? That would make a great museum.

Posted by: Dave S - 3/16/2007 1:00:59 PM
Council members need to get private money flowing into this area.

Posted by: Kaseygirl - 3/17/2007 10:56:21 AM
Steve what a great idea about turning (6) into a park. Another place to gather and have concerts, festivals or just relax and watch the river, a sister park to Wingfield. That open space is going to be very important as the city continues to build.



Altering the Entire East Downtown Area: Possibilities