Corner Units
  • Corner Units
    About to enter the Montage
  • Tower Trim
    Looking up at the metal trellis on the top edge of the 24th floor
  • Ruths Chris1
    The massive space for Ruth's Chris on the ground level, north side of the building
  • Ruths Chris3
    Looking out a future Ruth's Chris window facing North

  • Lobby 2
    Looking into the Lobby of the Montage from Sierra Street.
  • Lobby Rooftop
    Another look at cool angled ceiling of the Sierra Street lobby

  • 7th Floor Model 1bed 1
    That's right! Several models are nearly ready for public viewing on the 7th floor.
  • 7th Floor Model 1bed 2
    This is a view of the kitchen in a one bedroom and den model.
  • Bath Sink
    The standard master bath sink by Kohler is unique and contemporary.
  • Deck 7th Floor
    Looking out on the balcony of the first 7th floor model we visited. The balconies are much large than they appear from the ground.
  • 1 bed Model
    We visited a one bedroom and den model on the 7th floor. It feels like a home, not a leftover converted hotel room. That's because the building was gutted down to the steel.
  • View Deck North Sierra
    A view from the studio model looking north on Sierra.
  • Studio Model
    Living room of Studio Model
  • Studio Model Kitchen
    Kitchen of the studio model.
  • Studio model
    Studio model
  • Studio Model
    Lots of natural lighting fills the studio model.

  • High Speed Elevator
    Next we crossed the building over to the West side. The new elevators they installed are FAST. When they say high speed they mean high speed.
  • North Deck
    Now we are on a west-facing unit on the 7th floor, overlooking the North Deck.
  • North Deck Courtyard
    The North Deck is one of two large recreational decks. Notice the dog run fencing. The square area in the middle is for a sculptural water feature
  • North Deck Entrance
    Both the North and South Decks have multiple levels to establish different seating areas.
  • North Deck Fountain Base
    Here you can see the amazing detail work already starting on the North Deck. The center area is for a sculptural water feature.
  • North Deck Trellises
    The trellises on the North Deck.
  • North Facing Units
    Some north-facing units along the North Deck.
  • Studio Model Closet
    This is the built-out closet of the studio model. It's practically a second room!
  • Studio Model West Facing
    One last look inside the studio model before moving onward.

  • 22nd Floor
    Next we set out sights higher, going up to the 22nd floor.
  • 22nd Floor 1
    As we walked along the floor as the units are being drywalled, I caught glimpses of stunning views from every window I passed.
  • 22nd Floor 3
    Another peek out of the 22nd Story Window.
  • 22nd Floor Double Wide Deck
    A picture of the massive double-length one bedroom & den balconies on the south-east corner of the building. You can't see all of the balcony in this pic, but it extends all the way to the end of the second window in the background.
  • 22nd Floor Poolhouse
    A look down at the Owner's Clubhouse from the 22nd level of the Montage
  • 22nd Floor South Deck View
    Another look at the south deck from the 22nd floor of the Montage
  • 22nd Floor View
    Wow look at that view. Again, from the 22nd floor of the Montage
  • 22nd Floor View West2
    Western view from a west-facing unit at the Montage
  • 22nd Level North
    Fernando shows us a wall of glass with the Silver Legacy in the background.
  • 22nd Level West2
    Even in a northwest unit, it's possible to have a view of the Truckee.

  • Penthouse Glass
    We have arrived at the 23rd floor, the lower penthouse level. Each penthouse is two floors high, each unit taking up the 23rd and 24th floors.
  • Penthouse New Walls
    Keep in mind everything you see on the 23rd level is brand new, a new addition to the building. The previous building was 22 floors high.
  • Penthouse View2
    Penthouse units being constructed with view in the background
  • Penthouse View4
    mmmm nice view from way up here.
  • Penthouse View5
    One final penthouse shot

  • Unit1
    Next we checked out a 'convertible' unit which Fernando mentioned as being one of his best sellers.
  • Unit2
    View from the convertible unit. Note the plethora of glass.
  • Unit5
    A look at the South Deck from the convertible unit.
  • Unit7
    Full size kitchen in the convertible - it even has a full height pantry cabinet next to the refrigerator.

  • Corner Unit 3
    Nice view of the South Deck from a large one bedroom and den unit.
  • Corner Unit 5
    In this view, you can see how the living room and bedroom surround the balcony of the large one bedroom and den unit.
  • Corner Unit North Deck View
    Next we hopped over to the north east side of the building to check out a corner unit that overlooks the North Deck.
  • Corner Unit North Deck View 2
    Another shot of the North Deck from a corner unit.

  • Rowhousing Stairs4
    Floating staircase in on the street-level Rowhouse units. You can see Sierra Street in the background.
  • Rowhousing Stairs 2
    Street-level unit.

  • South Retail1
    Next is a peek at the massive cavernous south retail section. A yet-to-be-announced restaurant will be going in this space.
  • South Retail2
    Massive south retail windows.
  • South Retail4
    Montage south retail
  • South Retail 5
    Montage south retail.

  • Lofts11
    Next we went to check out some loft spaces. You'll notice here drywall is already going up.
  • Lofts 10
    A view out of one of the massive window spaces of the lofts.
  • Lofts 13
    The Massive Lofts
  • Lofts 12
    Fernando Leal stands in the middle of a loft unit to give you a size perspective of the ceiling height and window sizes.

  • Pool Terrace Townhomes
    Now, these units are REALLY cool. Here, we stand in one of the Terrace Townhomes 1st floor, facing North on 2nd Street.
  • Terrace Townhome 1
    The Terrace Townhomes are 3 levels, with the 3rd level being at the same elevation as the South Pool Deck, so you can step right out onto the South Deck from your unit.
  • Terrace Townhome 2
    We are on the 6th floor, which is the top level of the Terrace Townhomes. This terrace we're standing on will be the outdoor spaces for the units facing Sierra and First Streets.
  • Terrace Townhome 3
    Here's another shot of the terraces for the terrace townhomes. Notice instead of a deck or balcony, the terrace is actually a solid part. of the building.
  • Terrace Townhome 4
    Walking along the massive terrace that wraps around the sixth floor of the south part of the building.
  • Terrace Townhome 6
    Walking along the terrace that faces 2nd Street. The Riverwalk is in the background.
  • Terrace Townhome 7
    I will explain this as best I can, but if you were to walk into a terrace unit from the terrace we were standing on in the previous pic, and then walk through the unit, you will end up on the pool deck, which is where we are headed in this pic.
  • Terrace Townhome 8
    Walking through a terrace townhome to the South Deck.
  • Terrace Townhome 9
    A look at the South Deck from the 3rd level of a terrace townhome. You can walk right out on it!

  • South Deck3 Poolview
    And finally we visit the South Deck, one of the most amazing features of the Montage.
  • South Deck4 Courtyard
    The South Deck is huge; with multiple seating areas, an owner's clubhouse, a large pool, 2 hot tubs, water features and even a fire pit.
  • South Deck5 Pool1
    Check out the pool! Originally the Montage had two smaller pools on this deck, but after some thought, they put in one larger pool. Good decision! I prefer larger pools to do laps in.
  • South Deck 1
    Some trellises being built on the South Deck of the Montage
  • South Deck 2 Poolouse
    This the inside of the owner's clubhouse on the South Deck.
  • South Deck Corner
    Looking up from the South Deck.
  • South Deck Looking Up
    Looking up from the South Deck.
  • South Deck Owners Clubhouse
    Another shot of the Owner's Clubhouse - notice the metal trellis detail of the roof matches the detail at the top of the building on the 24th floor
  • South Deck Owners Clubhouse2
    Another shot of the owner's clubhouse.
  • South Deck Pool2
    One entire side of the pool is dedicated to steps to easily get in and out.
  • South Deck Pool Terrace Homes
    A look at the pool, with the 3rd level of the Terrace Townhomes in the background.
  • South Deck Raised Walkway
    A closer view of the raised walkway being installed on the South Deck.
  • South Deck Raised Walkway
    The multiple walkways will wind thru a massive amount of landscaping on both the North and South Decks
  • South Deck Terrace Townhome
    One last shot of a unit facing the pool deck.

Corner Units