Siegel Group buys Nevadan, plans 'transient housing' for both the Nevadan and Virginian, according to News 4. Transient housing? Is that a fancy term for 'weekly hotel'? Jeff Siri was on News 4 excited about the prospect of new customers for Cal Neva. Cal Neva was the prior owner of the Nevadan Tower.

I'm hoping Siegel Group adheres to some decent standards here. Remember the crime-infested shitstorm that the Comstock Hotel became when it switched to weekly rentals prior to being gutted and converted condos? It was not good. It was nicknamed Tower of Terror by some of its inhabitants, and that's not an exaggeration or dramatization of how the environment really was. I definitely don't want a repeat of that on Virginia Street X 2.

The reviews of their properties in Vegas are less than stellar. Even their nicer property by UNLV only managed to get so-so reviews. With downtown residences pretty much full, and the apartment rental market sort of hot right now, can't these at least be mid-grade apartments?

When the Executive Inn was redone a few years ago, they gutted the small weekly rooms, combined them similar to what Residences at Riverwalk/Riverwalk Tower did, and put in real kitchens. It would be VERY cool if that was the plan for these places, rather than just putting in new electrical, new hot plates, and paint the units.

I hope City Hall watches this closely, since they are pretty much RIGHT next door and half the building will have views of whatever the Virginian and Nevada turns into.

Please please please Siegel Group, make these two towers worth living in, and ascend to higher standards than the reviews of your properties in Vegas allude to.