New Infill Projects Headed to Wells Avenue Area

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 22, 2016

A new project is planned for the Wells Avenue area, though I don't have much information on it now, other than who the developer is (infill geniuses Haberae) and where it will be going. The project will be at the old Salvation Army building (pictured above) next to Juicy's Hamburgers on Wells Avenue. 

Knowing Haberae and their projects, it will likely be a mix of residential and commercial, much like their Dozen @ Deluxe project, the re-purposed old laundry building that's home to Cafe Deluxe near the South Wells Avenue Roundabout. Nearly all, if not all, of their projects include some kind of residential, and usually coincide with the number in the project name (i.e. 8 On Center has eight units, Sodo 4, 2 on Cheney, etc.) So since the project is called Salvation 9, it's a safe presumption the place may have nine units of some kind. It will be designed by local Midtown architects GuiDenby

Speaking of Haberae, this is not the only new project that's up their sleeve. 

Tiny Ten will be ten homes, each more than 520 square feet in a community setting will be constructed by GuiDenby. Although Haberae couldn't divulge the location yet, Kelly Rae did give me a's a stones throw from Juicy's and Renown (if you have a really good arm.) 

I am probably wrong, but I'll take a wild guess and say this could be their future home? I like to take wild guesses. This empty lot is on Wells Avenue and Stewart. 

Also, Urbanito is coming along nicely. This is Haberae's project on the corner of Mill Street and Holcomb. 490 Mill Street is under active construction to become a distillery, 400 Mill Street (the two story building) was originally slated to become lofts, but coming up with a design that pencils was tough, so the building has been leased to a businessman who has wonderful plans for the building. He's already starting work on it. 

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