Sneak Peek: Renaissance Reveals Room Renderings

by Mike Van Houten / Jan 30, 2016

Stpping by the Renaissance Hotel today downtown, which pulled a demo permit and will begin construction soon, I noticed a new sign in the building with renderings of the rooms. Check them out! 

I'm supposed to have an interview with the designer(s) soon and hopefully more renderings will be released. 


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  • January 31, 2016 - 9:57:19 AM

    Are they going to keep the same exterior facade? I wonder what they'll do with the first floor without a casino? Also, I wonder if they had anything to do with painting the Lakemill lodge? Lipstick on a pig, but it's an improvement.

  • February 1, 2016 - 9:07:58 AM

    Those room images look very nice. Maybe when you meet with their representative, you might have an opportunity to ask if their plans include updating any plumbing, ducting and HVAC components which might benefit from renovation. Sometimes in my experience, redeveloped lodging properties will have focused almost exclusively on room appearance: new paint, new carpeting, wall treatments and big screen televisions. In some cases, the hard tasks that cost the most sometimes don't get attention. It takes more than sparkling clean, modern-looking rooms to generate positive guest experiences and return visits. Drains need to drain; hot water pressure needs to be checked; and heated and cooled air needs to flow reliably into each room. In some older buildings, those are things which can involve very expensive fixes inside of walls and between floors. Not to say that any such issues exist in this building, just that they are important aspects of a major remodel to investigate--as much so in my opinion as room appearance. Maybe this developer, which is a prominent brand name, has already investigated any such needs, along with room appearance, I assume that would be the case. It is a very good-looking building, and the location is great. I first stayed there back in the days when Newt Crumley had strolling violinists in the casino. The old Holiday Hotel at that time was a great lodging place.