Bailey and Potter, CPA

A sneak peek at the Retrac Train Trench Cover proposal by L3 Development

From Fernando Leal:

"The concept that I am presenting utilize templates that have been successful in other great cities to create a sense of "place"... San Francisco's Union Square and Ferry Buildings, San Jose's Santana Row, Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade are good examples.

Given the national housing downturn, I believe we must focus on retail opportunities to continue to drive the revitalization and redevelopment of our downtown core.

The proposed area is surrounded by over 5,000 hotel rooms, within a mile of over 15,000 faculty and students from UNR, and is in the midst of 15,700 parking spaces to accommodate visitors.

Downtown redevelopment needs the support of the entire Reno community.
I welcome your comments."


Fernando Leal

Now Is The Time to Give Your Input!

When you're done viewing the pics and videos, click on the green Comments and Feedback link in the left menu, and let the council and Fernando Leal know how you feel about it. I know a few of the council members visit this site, including the one who resides over the district the Retrac covers are in. Click here to view gallery or use menu on left.


* 25,000 square feet of retail space that would house 10 to 12 boutique
specialty retailers; bistro's, wine bars, coffee house, clothing,
florists, etc., etc.
* Retail Structures Designed by acclaimed local architect Jack Hawkins
* Approximately 60% of the total space dedicated to extensively
landscaped public areas 
* 10 Light features that double as vent stacks for the train ventilation
* Water features
* Large elevated performance area that faces Virginia Street
* Varied elevation in plaza levels