Jam-Packed RAAB Meeting includes Streetcars, RTC projects, the bridge, Siegel Group, More

by Mike Van Houten / Jan 12, 2016

In next  Tuesday's Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board Meeting on January 19 in the 7th Floor Caucus Room of City Hall, there will be a slew of redevelopment project updates including:

- Update on the Streetcar Project.

- Status Report on the Virginia Street Bridge Project.

- Status report and discussion on the ReTRAC Cover Design Project (For Possible Action).

- Report and discussion regarding the Downtown Plan Request for Proposal (RFP) (For Possible Action).

- Presentation and discussion of the Update to the University Regional Center Plan (For Possible Action).

- Update on the 3rd Street Flats Project (Formerly Kings Inn).

- Update on the Regional Transportation Commission’s (RTC) – 4th Street Design/ Construction Project.

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  • January 13, 2016 - 11:42:25 AM

    Was just driving in downtown this morning, up West Street from the 3rd Street Flats, driving south. Had to do a double-take. I actually thought, "What's this new building going up and why haven't I heard about it?" Then I realized, hey, that's the King's Inn! Or at least, used to be... What a great change for Downtown.