Looks like my hunch mentioned in this post was correct! one of the biggest highlights from today's Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board meeting was that the Kings Inn is well on its way to becoming high end apartments targeted toward millennials. But first let's back up a bit and review the whole meeting. I wasn't able to attend due to work, but my good friend Matt took notes for me.

Public Comment

- During public comment, one person brought up the blighted motels across from Circus Circus and what the city's going to do about them. RAAB Board Member Michael Steedman brought up that Artist-Extraordinaire and Kick-Ass Massage Therapist Aric Shapiro was talking to the Tessera people to convert at least one of them into an artist loft/hotel property. We'll see how that unfolds! He said he spoke to him just last week. Considering the Tessera project is all but dead, this would be a nice kick-starter to something different in that area besides closed motels.

"ReImagine Reno" master plan project

The ReImagine Reno project is a series of public workshops and meetings to help gather input on where Reno should be in 10 years, 20 years and beyond.

-- 50 focus groups are planned to be held from now until the end of the year.
-- The Reno Sparks Indian Colony is getting involved.
-- Online surveys will be given.
-- Everyone's input will be equally as important, including people who may not necessarily live in Reno but have a business in Reno.
-- Goal is to take input and ideas and put them into action.

ReTRAC Properties

-- City has individually parceled out all owned properties along the train tracks. Asst City Manager Bill Thomas noted that they had a generator lined up for one of the parcels by Keystone but they pulled out due to various interest in the space. Still looking at various possibilities for those parcels. Will provide a full map for next meeting.

Kings Inn

-- 50, 60 bags (This is a correction) of pigeon droppings removed.
-- Entire interior has been gutted.
-- A prominent San Francisco based architect hired for design, design not yet complete. Currently underway!
-- Retail being eyed for 1st floor, Bengochea from Bentar told Bill Thomas he's looking at even a potential grocer for retail.
-- Concept will be high end apartments geared toward millenials.
-- Basin Street Properties has been hired as a local partner in the project.
-- No timeline has yet to be finalized for completion but when Bill Thomas spoke to the developer, today 04/22, that he was game and ready to go.

Blight Initiative

-- City plans to allocate $1.4M of "surplus" towards blight initiatives in cleaning up downtown abandoned properties. Possible ideas floated by the board include wraps or paintings of windows over boards that cover windows, or doors.