Uncommon Reno residential goes vertical, Park Place is just huge, Canyon Flats changes urbanscape of downtown, and much more!

by Mike Van Houten / Nov 19, 2019

In this massive construction update, I walked over 14,000 steps downtown and in Midtown, according to my health app, to check out the various projects going on. 

Just south of Midtown, the Park Lane project on the site of the former Park Lane Mall on Plumb and Virginia has gone vertical with their first residential units, attached to the east side of the parking garage! I included an illustration in the gallery below showing which part of the project this includes. Also new on-site is a sea of plumbing extending upwards from the dirt. This is a good indication of just how massive the first residential building will be. 

Then I cruised up to Sierra Street to check out the progess of Park Place and Uncommon, the enormous student housing project wedged between Virginia Street and Sierra Street across from Rancho San Rafael Park. This project is just massive, I couldn't even fit it into one pan shot. 

Canyon Flats, a student housing project located in downtown Reno on 6th and 7th Streets between Virginia and Center Street, is now working on its third story. This project as enormous as well. It definitely changes the urbanscape of this area. 

Then I made my way back down to Midtown, to check out a large residential project being built out on Tonopah and Arroyo. I'm not sure if this project has a name yet, but it's quite large. I also snapped some photos of Ridge Street Apartments, at 127 Ridge Street downtown. 

And finally, back through the Wells Avenue Conservation District to snap a few pics of a new duplex going up, and progress at the High Street Townhomes project on Mill and High Streets


Major Project Update 11-19-19

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