The massive Park Lane Mall site is now in escrow, and a mixed-use development including housing, is planned. As if almost on cue from what the Urban Land Institute recently recommended to the City of Reno/Reno City Council, a mixed-use development is planned, which is waaaaaaaaaay better than the glorified strip-mall that was planned here previously

I can't wait to hear more information about this project. Chip Bolwby of Reno Land Development Company told KTVN, '"Housing, both for sale, for rent, high density housing, maybe have some senior component, maybe have some workforce housing. We'll also have professional offices, maybe medical, maybe a tech campus.” 

I had rumors that the Park Lane Cinemark/Century will be closing once the Meadowood one is built, but if a new development is coming here maybe those plans will change. 

Awesome! Let's get the ball rolling and get one of the biggest development-holes in central Reno filled.