New 23-unit townhome project proposed for corner of Holcomb and Liberty

by Mike Van Houten / Jun 28, 2023

A tentative map has been submitted for review for 23 townhomes at 330 East Liberty, on the southwest corner intersection of Liberty and Holcomb Avenue. Currently, there is a Specialty Health office building on the property which I assume would be demolished. 

This is a DENSE project, squeezing 26 units into a tight-knit area. Each unit would have its own garage. These are townhomes, and this is a tenative map, which means the lot would be split up into individula ownership for each unit. So these will most likekly be for sale. I don't think I've seen ground-up townhomes built in central Reno since the High Street Townhomes. The townhomes would be three stories tall, each with their own garage, designed much like the existing three-story townhomes just south of Stewart Street on Holcomb. 

The housing untis have three footprints, a 741 sf plan, a 696 sf plan and 424 and 451 square feet. 

You can check out the project specifics and the tentative map by clicking this link, then drop down the Record-Info drop-down menu, and select 'Attachments.' You'll see the full application there, it's a 30-megabyte PDF. Below are some images from it. 

No word yet on a timeline for this new project. 

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