Jacobs Entertainment Buys Desert Rose Inn for 10 million

by Mike Van Houten / Sep 16, 2023

After literally years of trying, Jacobs has scored what he probably feels is a key property in the Reno Neon Line, right across the street from Glow Plaza. 

And I mean years, too. Here's a 2017 article from Our Town Reno about this specific motel, where the then-owner Jim McAllister talks about it. 

I guess the price was finally right, and that price was a whopping $10,400,000 and some change, according to documents. I'm pretty sure that's what it sold for, by dividing the transfer tax by 4.1.

It's not on the Washoe Assessor's site yet, but the sale seems legit, but there's a record of sale doc. 


When I went down to take a photo of the property for this article, a security guard was already on site, staring me down though I was on the sidewalk. 

That brought up memories of this ProRepublica article which stated motels soon to be demolished had security guards to keep media from talking to residents

So! I wonder what the plans are? I am betting 95% it gets demolished. Demolishing residential right across the street from Glow Plaza would presumably help eliminate noise complaints.

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