Permits rolling in for new 180-unit apartment complex on Stoker

by Mike Van Houten / Mar 25, 2024

Permits are rolling in for a proposed hilltop apartment complex at 500 Stoker Avenue consisting of around 180 units. It's a bit out of my normal reporting zone, but the project is large and within a close proximity of downtown's western border at Keystone, plus it's close enough to the center of the city to have a reduced impact on traffic, commutes etc. 

So far, there are mass grading permits, a permit for a clubhouse, a permit for a 24-unit building and a permit for a three-story 12-unit building. Judging by the sizes of the first two buildings, this will be a sprawling complex with many buildings. 

Because the project is straight-to-permit, there are no publicly available plans. 

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