Wells Avenue Bungalow District Graffiti Cleanup

by Mike Van Houten / May 13, 2011

Greetings readers and volunteers! You might remember a story a while back when the city council was flooded with 85+ residents from the Wells Avenue area who were concerned about the reduction in graffiti removal resources due to budget cuts. The residents had proposed forming their own graffiti removal groups and patrols.

With city cutbacks, residents will have to step up and help maintain their community to the standards they are comfortable with.

Wells Avenue has one of the most active neighborhood groups in the city, reducing crime by 30% in one one year from 2009 to 2010.

The first of these graffiti removal cleanups is scheduled for this weekend, headed by architect and community activist Jack Hawkins. Considering the Wells Avenue neighborhood is particularly hit hard with graffiti, I'd like to invite all of you down to join us for an hour and remove some graffiti. Most of my readers live within the city's core, so I'd like to extend a hand to you. This city is about community, and this is a great opportunity to show some civic pride.

First meeting: Sunday the 15th of May at 7:30 am. sharp

Where: parking lot of 1420 Holcomb Ave. Reno. Southwest corner of the parking lot. Plenty of parking in the parking lot as well as the street.

What to bring:

Old clothes and shoes-you will get paint on them
Old rags
Paper towels
Old paint brushes or cheap throw away brushes
Old paint rolls and pads
Roller pans
Goof Off or another spray on graffiti removal product
Scrapper for glass
Old plastic shopping bags

You are not required to bring anything, but try and bring something and we will pair up and share.

We will go thru a 15 min. presentation and then start doing some removal.

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  • May 15, 2011 - 7:48:01 PM

    How did this go? I didn't see the posting until after it happened. :(