Hatching a Plan of Success for Local Photographers

by Mike Van Houten / Apr 3, 2014

An interesting phenomenon is occurring along First Street downtown from about Virginia Street to Washington Street.

In a very organic non-marketed fashion, start-up companies are flocking to this area of downtown and converging, collaborating and helping each other succeed through networking.

When Reno Collective moved into Arlington Towers, it spurred a revolution of sorts, as some businesses went from being part of the Reno Collective to opening up their own offices. Some of the businesses that call 'Start-Up Row' home include Reno Collective, BHeard, Crazy Tooth Studio, GirlMade, and Trainer Road.

The newest addition to Start-Up Row is a co-working photography studio called Hatch, located at 100 Washington and still under construction.

Hatch will fill a much-needed demand for photographers in town who are at a professional-grade level but don't have their own studio to work in. Think of it as Reno Collective but for photographers and videographers. 

Hatch will have everything a photographer needs to get 'er done, including multiple backdrops, a seamless white-room for catalog-style or green-screen photography, a full studio with several sets, a digital image lab with software staples like Photoshop, and even viewing rooms where photographers can show clients portfolio pieces or review photography sessions on-site. Hatch will have a wide selection of stage lighting equipment to select from to create that perfect shot, and eventually camera equipment that photographers can rent/check out.

With a studio space already in place on California Avenue geared toward natural lighting, this will be Hatch's second downtown location, but much larger with many more features to help photographers and videographers get work done.

Multiple sets, backdrop colors, and lighting equipment will be available to members, and the main set space even include an artistic metal-sculpted changing room for models.

The studio will have 24/7 full-time access using key-cards and codes, and a friendly staff will be available to help photographers and videographers during daylight hours.

Owner and photographer Jeramie Lu says Hatch's new co-working studio space will be ready to roll on April 15, with media night on April 24.

This is an awesome addition to the neighborhood. For more information on Hatch or to sign up to use their space, check out their Facebook Page, or call (775) 223-3429.


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  • April 6, 2014 - 3:13:00 PM

    Jeramie, Congratulations on making your dream come true, you've been working long and hard for this! There is much more work to do, bu I know that you're up to the challenges! Being your Aunt, I may be partial, but, I want everyone to know that you are MADE to do this and you will do all that is in your power to help any of the photographers make their dreams a reality' I love and am VERY proud of you!

  • April 12, 2014 - 12:59:50 AM

    This sounds great. I am moving to Reno this summer and would love to work in a space like this for some freelance and personal projects.