The Wells Avenue Neighborhood just took one step closer to becoming a full on historic conservation district when the city council today voted unanimously to fast-track and prioritize the conversion of this beautiful bungalow district into a historic conservation district. Not only will this create a new sense of pride among homeowners who live in the neighborhood, but it opens the neighborhood up to receiving grants for improvements like historic identification signs, walking tour marketing and more.

The residents of Wells Avenue have worked hard to reach this point, including completing a grueling historic survey of every single home in the neighborhood, cataloging their characteristics and classifying them architecturally as bungalows, Victorians, etc.

It's expected by the end of 2011 Wells Avenue will be an official historic conservation district and be Reno's 2nd, with the Powning District being the first.

Be sure to check out a great write up of Wells Avenue in May's issue of Reno Tahoe Tonight, available now online by clicking this link.