Older / Archived Reno News - June

6/30/09 - 11 @ the Firehouse Project - I love this project, and I'm a big fan of anything HabeRae does. Check out some exterior progress pictures.

6/30/09 - Freight House STAR Bond District - I have received a lot of requests for this, so here's a breakdown of the proposed Freight House STAR Bond District, including history, preponderance, and a map. Tessera break-down to follow!

6/29/09 - New Poll! This is an important topic so I'd like your input. My readers are smart! At least I like to think so. Soooo, this is about the 'Code of Conduct concept proposed by the city council. Read here to get caught up if you need to. This topic came up in a RAAB meeting where a nice police dude (forget his name) was present to explain what why and where the downtown police tax assessment district was. In the proceeding question and answer session, the topic of kids hanging out on the City Hall Plaza (or whatever 10 North Virginia is officially called these days) came up, and the cop dude flat out said they cannot enforce who does and who doesn't hang out on property deemed public, especially after the ordinance was passed in 2003 allowing skateboarding and bike riding downtown...end of story. The only way they can enforce anything is if a crime is being committed. So I think some people on the council see this Code of Conduct concept as a way to somewhat circumvent that. So take my poll...do you think this is a good idea or bad idea?

6/27/09 - Downtown pictures - Blues and Brews, West Street, Beer Crawl and more - Photos of downtown events over the weekend. Some great pictures tucked in this post, look for the blue poodle!

6/26/09 - Downtown Reno - Friday Night Lights - Photos of the Celtic Forest opening after dark and West Street.

6/23/09 - Priority Project Decisions - Updates on RDA1 priority projects and decisions on what RDA2 priority projects should be.

6/20/09 - The Big Land Exchange - Details on an exciting opportunity for the redevelopment agency to acquire two blocks of extremely blighted land.

6/20/09 - A Saturday Downtown - Cloudy weather doesn't stop people from coming downtown.

6/20/09 - My Journey into Nada Dada - It was epic. So many talented people, so much creative energy in the perfect location.

6/18/09 - Legends at Sparks Marina Opening Day Photos - The place is amazing.

6/18/09 - The Hub Coffee Co. opens tomorrow morning (Friday) 6 a.m. - Coffee and bikes. Yeah.

6/18/09 - Grand Sierra Resort making changes - GSR isn't letting the departure of Dolce and Nikki Beach get it down.

6/18/09 - A Brown Kings Inn! - Check out pictures of a quick walk around downtown, including a recently painted brown Kings Inn. Yes, brown.

6/18/09 - Upcoming Meetings - Lots of stuff happening in the next week, including more discussions of two proposed STAR Bond districts, land exchanges around downtown, a possible bike vault storage network, demolition of Reno Sparks Gospel Mission building, and more. Whew!

6/16/09 - Legends at Sparks Marina - Full schedule of events for the grand opening.

6/16/09 - RAAB Meeting - A jam packed RAAB meeting today.

6/16/09 - Sunday Downtown - A few pictures of West Street Market and a nearly sold out Sunday Aces game against the Aces. Also, don't forget to check my 'Latest Tweets' box occasionally in the left column on this home page, it has real-time on-the-street updates, pictures and observations.

6/10/09 - Legends at Sparks Marina Update - Check out pictures of Legends at Sparks Marina construction, find out exactly what stores are opening Grand Opening day, and what stores will open soon after throughout the summer.

6/10/09 - Reno Aces return to take on rivals Vegas - Reno Aces are back in town after long string of away games.

6/10/09 - Full Details on Incubator Project, including Tenants - More details on the project going into the Mason's building, to be heard by the Redevelopment Agency today.

6/10/09 - Various Tidbits - Summit Sierra's 20+ acre Phase II, some activity on Center Street, Subway coming to Palladio, and more work done on West Street Market.

6/6/09 - STAR Bond Districts on tap for Wednesday's RDA meeting - STAR Bond districts, affordable housing, parking space agreements and a possible demolition downtown.

6/2/09 - Mason Building downtown to become tech start-up incubator - An idea that already has businesses signed up and ready to go.

6/2/09 - Priority Project Report - Updates on downtown priority projects plus discussion of RDA2 priority projects.

6/1/09 - Assemblywoman Debbie Smith wants STAR Bonds Gone - In retaliation for killing her bill in the Senate.

6/1/09 - Redevelopment News From the Legislature - Updates on AB 458 and STAR Bonds.

6/1/09 - Gazette Editorial: Train Trench Cover - Good editorial on train trench cover.

6/1/09 - Riverwalk Auction Report - One of my operatives attended the Riverwalk Auction. Get the goods here.