Older / Archived News - July

7/28/09 GREEN DRINKS - My good friend and business associate Smartbrand/Project EcoBrand will be greenin' it up tonight at Green Drinks. The heat of summer will be nothing but cool at Lincoln Lounge - Reno's favorite new bar. With some amazing decor (including Abe Lincoln art), a patio and architecture that features reclaimed materials - this is an event and place not to be missed. Get ready for a good time while networking with others in our area who are dedicated to sustainability and renewable energy.
Where: Lincoln Lounge, 306 East 4th Street
When: 5-7 p.m.

7/28/09 UPDATE ON REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY - Official Reno Connect press release this afternoon confirms original story. More information released.

7/28/09 BREAKING NEWS - Redevelopment Administrator Mark Lewis was let go and his duties to be performed by someone from Community Development, I think John Hester but not sure......this was done yesterday and I'm told Gustin, Dortch, Pierre, and the Mayor were not aware of this decision. Stay tuned for more info

7/22/09 - Reno Aces Photos - Scored some nice seats Tuesday night...great vantage point for some photos!

7/20/09 - MidTown Report - Lots of activity to report in MidTown as well as interior photos of the new Gui Denby building on Center Street.

7/16/09 - Council meeting wrap-up - First, I wanted to remind everyone that you can follow 'live' real-time updates from City Council meetings on Twitter or by watching the quick updates box on my home page, or by following me on Facebook. So in case you missed my updates yesterday, or want a more thorough update, click here to read.

7/13/09 - Interesting Upcoming Council Items This Week - Kings Inn, Reno Sparks Gospel Mission, a pub, STAR Bonds.

7/12/09 - Activity on Grant's Landing property? - An update on what's for sale.

7/8/09 - Council to Discuss Bike Route Options - Exciting stuff! A roundabout on Liberty and Arlington, a bike-only or hybrid Riverside Drive and more.

7/8/09 - Montage Video - A nice clip of a Montage couple who are happy to be in Downtown Reno.

7/7/09 - Thoma Lofts - To come before Planning Commission July 8 with a tentative map and a few variance requests.

7/6/09 - New brand to be unveiled. It just might work. What are some of the places you feel make Reno Tahoe unique?

7/6/09 - Prime Palladio riverfront space finally leased? Ole Bridge Pub info.

7/01/09 - Art Town Opening - Face painting and more!