Older / Archived Reno News - January

1/29/09 - WIND TURBINE PICS, PLUS MONTAGE, BASEBALL STADIUM - Hi all so here are some pictures from the urban wind turbine switch-flipping ceremony.

1/27/09 - THE END OF GRANT'S LANDING - And so the end of Grant's Landing looks like it will culminate with the lot being slightly improved to meet code standards, and the developer, Silverstar Communities, wrapping up some legal issues with the city before the entire property reverts to acreage.

1/21/09 - EAST DOWNTOWN WALK -Photos of the ballpark, State Street Center, and Townhouses at Holcomb Place.

1/16/09 - GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS, AND NEWS IN BETWEEN - Various tidbits

1/14/09 - ADDITIONAL BALLPARK RENDERINGS - New renderings release of the Phase II portion of the ballpark, the entertainment district.

1/14/09 - STATE STREET PLAZA - It looks like the State Street project as I usually call it, has an official name...'State Street Plaza.' The residential portion of the project seems like it was replaced with office space on the upper floor.

1/14/09 - SK BASEBALL PRESENTS PHASE 2 PLANS TO COUNCIL, ASKS FOR ASSISTANCE - Stuart Katzoff and his son went before the city council today to present their plans for Phase 2 of the Reno Aces ballpark, and ask the city council to consider assisting them in making phase 2 happen more rapidly by guaranteeing more sales tax revenue.

1/11/09 - EAST AND SOUTH DOWNTOWN CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - Great pictures of Holcomb Place Townhouses, which now has the fence completely down around the property and landscaped...also the ballpark, State Street Center (which has some incredible masonry work going on), and Center Street.

1/7/09 - CAC MEETING REPORT - This was one of the more contentious CAC meetings we have had in a while.

1/6/09 - TOO MUCH ENTHUSIASM? - I just switched out my poll again. Over 250 of you contributed your opinion. Thanks! That's great response for a poll. Now, for a tougher question. I am quite frequently reamed on other blogs and websites the subject of downtown comes up, which usually starts with a commenter saying something generic like 'downtown sucks' or 'there is nothing to do downtown' or 'downtown is dead'. That of course ticks me off and I end up being the defender of downtown, being accused of of being one-sided. Now those of you who read my site know I do my fair share of criticizing, gloom and doom posts and 'how we can improve downtown' posts. That got me to thinking, I never really asked you, my readers, what you think of downtown currently. So, new poll! Also, you can click the comments button below to give me your general thoughts.

1/3/09 - DOWNTOWN CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - It was a cold but enjoyable jaunt around downtown today. The baseball stadium is looking good. The ReTRAC cover is complete, so I probably won't take many pictures of that until it enters Phase 2. It's trippy to walk on top of it. The State Street Project is going vertical fast. I was pleasantly surprised to see the exterior of the building is real masonry, with multiple colors and accents; no facades. This will be a beautiful building when it's done. I can't wait until details about the 11 condos on the second floor come out. Also, pics of a very happy crowd at the ice rink.

1/1/09 - STUPID MOVE CANCELLING FIREWORKS - As I watched the news last night, looking at all the revelers downtown at the stroke of midnight looking up at the sky waiting for the fireworks to happen, I couldn't help but think what a silly move it was to cancel them. It was an anticlimactic, almost lame scene downtown.