Older / Archived Reno News - February

2/26/09 - GREEN DRINKS, SIERRA TAP HOUSE - Ready for our next big Reno Green Drinks gathering?  I am!

2/25/09 - VARIOUS TIDBITS - Reno Redevelopment Agency budget issues and Sierra Spirit news.

2/21/09 - THE CONTROVERSY OVER BRANDING SPARKS - I wasn't going to really get into this too much on this site, because the topic is, well Sparks. But the conversation and controversy have reached a zenith in which it's hard not to ignore.

2/18/09 - SCOREBOARD RAISING PICTURES - Part of the scoreboard was raised in a ceremony today at the Reno Aces ballpark.

2/15/09 -VAMPIRE CRAWL - Photos of the vampire crawl in downtown Reno on Feburary 14. WARNING - they were taken from cell phone, not my Digital Rebel haha

2/14/09 - DOWNTOWN WALK - CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS GALLERY - Hi all! Hope you are all having a great 3 day weekend thus far. Here are some great photos of ball park construction, State Street Center construction, and other little things I ran across on my journey to Brickhouse Bakery and back, this morning. Downtown Marketplace is now open at West Street as well. The ballpark is making great progress, including a serious amount of brickwork and paint.

2/10/09 - RENO ACES BASEBALL STADIUM SEAT CEREMONY - I was able to squeeze in a post between meetings today. Here are some pictures form the seat-placing ceremony, with SK Baseball Managing Partner Stuart Katzoff and Administrator for the City of Reno’s Redevelopment Agency Mark Lewis.

2/7/09 - WEST STREET MARKET SIGNAGE - In early May 2008, the Agency issued a bid for courtyard reconstruction and exterior façade improvements to the three buildings at the West Street Market in downtown Reno.

2/6/09 - A RED DOWNTOWN - Just got in from running some errands around downtown on foot, and noticed a large number of people I passed were wearing red, or had little red ribbons or banners on.

2/5/09 - SIERRA SPIRIT - SOME FACTS - A lot of people think Sierra Spirit is just a little yellow bus that putts around in a pointless loop with no one in it. Every time I bring up the topic, that statement comes up in one form or another. So, imagine my delight when an RTC dude was at the Feb 3 CAC Meeting, to lay down a stark reality for the cute yellow 'Circulator' as he called it.

2/4/09 - CAC MEETING REPORT - The name is bond. STAR bond.

2/2/09 - RENOVATIONS AROUND RENO CENTRAL - There's a moderately sized project going on at the Reno Regency Apartments over on 6th in northeast downtown. It seems they are renovating are adding some retail. Also, Oakmans, on Ryland Street just off Wells, seems to be sectioning off its vast unused space into smaller office spaces.

2/2/09 - BASEBALL FOLKS BUY THE BIGHORNS - Per RGJ, "SK Baseball, the group that is bringing Triple-A baseball to Reno, has purchased the NBA Developmental League’s Reno Bighorns." What are your thoughts on where this will take downtown?