Older / Archived Reno News - April

4/30/09 - DOWNTOWN WALK PICTURES - Check out progress pictures of State Street Center, the Center Street office, West Street Market, and random downtown pictures.
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4/30/09 - CITY UNVEILS CONCEPTS FOR MASS TRANSIT ON VIRGINIA ST. - Check out the concepts for mass transit along Virginia Street, including where they want to put the streetcars, the stations, the BRT stops, and eventually light rail. Also included are streetscape concepts and parking.

4/28/09 - VARIOUS TIDBITS - Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I am workin' hard to finish up a major web site re-launch for a co-worker and also a new design for this site as well, with tons of new features including a new and improved calendar, areas where you can submit your own photos, and more.

4/23/09 - LEGENDS AT SPARKS MARINA ANNOUNCES OPENING DATE - Opening date, list of tenants plus job fair announcement. I know I am a little late on this but was more focused on the city council meeting yesterday.

4/22/09 - MASS TRANSIT IN RENO? - The City of Reno is moving forward with putting the ground work in place that would allow for the construction of a mass transit system ranging from bus rapid transit to street cars to light rail.

4/22/09 - CITY COUNCIL REPORT - Parking meters, baseball deal tidbits and Tessera presentation.

4/18/09 - TESSERA PROJECT TO PRESENT TO RDA BOARD - The Tessera project will be presenting to the Redevelopment Agency Board.

4/17/09 - RENO ACES OPENING DAY PICS - Reno Aces opening game pictures. I went with my two nieces and two friends. The game was great, the energy was awesome, and the Aces won!
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4/17/09 - BRT BUS RAPID TRANSIT SERVICE MAY BE ON VIRGINIA STREET BY NEXT FALL - Yes! South Virginia may live up to its transit corridor concept sooner than later. Bus Rapid Transit on Virginia Street by next fall possibly.

4/16/09 - DEVELOPMENT OF ZERO EMISSION VEHICLE CORRIDOR - This might not be downtown related, but I believe the future of Reno partially hinges on a transition to being the 'jolly green giant' of the nation. This is a HUGE step in that direction. The Renewable Energy Accelerator (REA250) in collaboration with state and local officials and private industries will announce initial agreements today to begin development of a zero emission vehicle corridor on Interstate 80 through northern Nevada and California.

4/16/09 - CHARGING FOR PARKING - Casinos decide to charge for Reno Aces game parking.

4/14/09 - RENO ACES FOOD PREVIEW - A preview list of food available at the ballpark.

4/10/09 - RENO ACES BASEBALL STADIUM - FINAL TOUCHES - The fencing is down around the ballpark! Check out some pictures of the finishing touches.
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4/09/09 - RENO ACES LANDSCAPING PROGRESS - It looks significantly different than the renderings, I hope it's just temporary? Grass is nice, but an entertainment stage and plaza would have been better. I hope they plan on building the entertainment plaza and stage as a second phase at least?

4/09/09 - BUS RAPID TRANSIT THAT WORKS - Welcome to Curtiba, Brazil, where 75% of the population happily take bus rapid transit to work.

4/08/09 - NEW RENO ACES PARKING MAP - Map updated.

4/08/09 - NEW RENO ACES PARKING MAP - View, download and print a full Reno Aces parking map which shows free, paid, wheelchair-accessible and valet parking areas.

4/07/09 - RENO ACES BALLPARK CONSTRUCTION - I couldn't make it to the deadline to get in the stadium for media day, I had a nasty deadline today for a work-related project I couldn't break away for. I also missed the CAC meeting, although a good portion of what they talked about is on tomorrow's city council meeting agenda as well. Anyway, I stopped by the stadium on my way home and snapped some pictures of media day at the ballpark. I caught pictures of a few of the players, as well as some onlookers and overall park shots. The kid's area is complete, and the picnic tables are in place in the G.A. area.
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4/07/09 - NEW URBAN MICRO-FARM TO BREAK GROUND IN DOWNTOWN RENO - Complete with produce, chickens, bee hives for pollination and over 5,000 s.f. of growing space.

4/06/09 - NEW OFFICE BUILDING SET TO GO UP DOWNTOWN - Check out this very cool office project to be located in Northwest downtown soon.

4/06/09 - LEGENDS AT SPARKS MARINA - SITE MAP UPDATE AND PICS - For Legends at Sparks Marina fans out there, an updated site map showing what's up with leasing and permitting, along with some construction pics.

4/06/09 - NEW FORMAT FOR BREAKING NEWS - I owe a lot of the technological advancements on this blog to other bloggers, who kindly contribute ideas to me every so often. For example, it was Reno Discontent who coached me about RSS feeds over a year ago. Recently, Scott Schrantz who runs the Around Carson blog suggested I make permalinks for each news item, so it can be linked to from external sources and easily found without having to search through a giant archive of news. So for the news on my home page, that's what I did. I'll slowly but surely go through my archive news and give each news item its own page as well. How does it work? You can click on each blue headline link (traditional and easy to find) and that will take you to the full post, the comments, and also serves as the permalink. Also, in my RSS feed, each post will link directly to each post on my web site, rather than just link to my home page.

4/06/09 - GREAT ARTICLE ON EAST LOFTS - A while ago I did a post regarding HabeRae Investments is doing called 11 @ the Firehouse. Northern Nevada Business Weekly came out with a great full length article on the project.

4/05/09 - FUNDING FOR CHILDREN'S MUSEUM ON THE AGENDA - I'm not sure if this is the same children's museum being constructed in the former City Hall building on Center Street, because both the RAAB and RAB agendas refer to it as 'Children's Discovery Museum' when the official name is 'Nevada Discovery Museum' but nonetheless this is super important.

4/05/09 - 4TH STREET TRANSIT STATION CONSTRUCTION TO START THIS WEEK! - Construction on the 4th Street Transit Station, located just north of the Reno Aces Baseball Stadium on Lake and Evans Streets, will commence this week, generating as many as 200 jobs. Click the link to see high resolution rendering.

4/03/09 - BULLY'S APPLYING FOR LIQUOR LICENSE DOWNTOWN - In the next city council meeting, Bully's is applying for a liquor license at 300 North Center Street.

4/02/09 - RENO REGENCY APARTMENTS REDO - The Reno Regency Apartments, which recently underwent a major remodel including paint job, interior renovations, and landscaping of the property, is continuing their remodel process- tearing heck out of the old casino.

4/02/09 - VARIOUS OBSERVATIONS - Various construction updates including the baseball stadium, a retail plaza in east downtown, and more.

4/01/09 - NO APRIL FOOLS - MONTAGE RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY PICTURES - I'll have more details soon (courtesy Andrew Pridgen from Tahoe Ticker who is kindly going to share notes while I was on picture duty) but for now here are some pictures from The Montage ribbon cutting ceremony today, which featured Ellen Opphenheim from the Reno Sparks Convention Visitors Authority, Milton Glick from the University of Nevada Reno, Chuck Alvey from EDAWN, and Mayor Bob Cashell as speakers.