MidTown Neighborhood Walk - Tons of Construction!

by Mike Van Houten / Feb 12, 2015

It's amazing how many projects are happening right in a three-block radius of me. I took my dog for a walk through my very active neighborhood ... check out the photos!

Marmots Kick into High Gear

Here are the next two homes to be updated, cleaned up, modernized with new kitchens and floors restored or updated. They are both located in what's known as the 'Assemblage', the mass of property nestled between Sinclair and Holcomb, close to the Discovery Museum and UNR Innovation Center.  It's good to see dumpsters in the 'hood again, particularly in the 'assemblage' as its called...the mass of property enclosed by Moran, Sinclair, Holcomb, and an alley. They are also gearing up to build at least 7 duplexes in the West of Wells/Midtown area, in vacant lots they own that neighbor existing structures. I am told they will be architecturally pleasing. I can't wait to see the plans!

Lost City Farms

Lost City Farms gear up for season 3 with some good ole' fashioned field-plowing, juxtaposed against an urban setting. It was almost hypnotizing to watch them prepare the fields as I strolled by.

Mystery Project on Moran?

For the last few months, renovation work has quietly been going on in this really-cool-but-under-utilized brick building on Moran and Virginia Street, where Nick's Greek Deli, a mini-mart, an insurance office and a few other businesses are located. Most of the little window panes in these industrial-size windows have been painstakingly replaced one-by-one, rather than have all-new windows put in...thus preserving the retro-industrial feel of the building. Also, there is substantial work occurring inside the space as well, as the at the entrance. There are new fixtures hung from the inside of the space as well. Hmm, I wonder what it will be? A new mini-mart? Maybe an art-gallery? Time will tell!

(I love these windows. Also notice the new fixtures hung inside)

(lots of new window panes)

(work happening in the entrance..I see new floors peeking through the sawdust as well)

(such a cool building)

Vacation Motor Lodge?

A fence is up on the south side of Vacation Motor Lodge...I wonder what's up? This place could be really cool fixed up, especially if its pool was restored. I like pools.

Various Center Street Buildings

First up, Midtown Fitness received a new paint job, and a new sign-holder for the various programs offered.

This home is undergoing a remodel, its yard was recently improved, exterior painted and some work going on inside.

Coming soon, the world's smallest record store!

Villa Donato, formerly Little House Cafe (I was so bummed this closed) put in a new yard, and renovation continues on the inside. Rumor has it the chef here is the former chef at SCAMPI. I think his name is Donato Partipilo...that could be a clue!

777 on Center

This project will be an anchor-piece much like Brasserie is, for this neighborhood. A major retail and office complex, it will be a stunning architectural addition to a street already peppered with so many varying architectural styles that it's quickly becoming my favorite go-to street for a dog-walk. Some of my faves include 8 On Center, the Lime Spa building, Brasserie of course, Sodo 4, and the Gui Denby building. Speaking of Haberae Investments, they were the first to take a chance and build on this street, constructing 8 on Center where a former pizza joint stood.

(off comes the rock facade!)

(building beginning to take dramatically different profile)

Holcomb Houses / 2 on Holcomb Finishing Touches

Haberae recently finished 2 on Holcomb, a fun duplex tucked away in an alley just off Holcomb. The homeowner who bought it from Haberae did some recent improvements to the front-facing Holcomb House including landscape improvements, an expansive deck and accent-lighting. Just look at the before-and-after photos. Seriously, one of the best renovation projects on Holcomb.




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  • February 12, 2015 - 7:28:40 PM

    Everyone involved in these projects should be very proud! Incrementalism at work! Good cities are built by a bunch of little projects. Thank you mike for reporting. You are the guy finding all the bright spots and drawing the trend line!

  • February 12, 2015 - 7:49:52 PM

    Will be MidTown Communty Yoga.

  • February 13, 2015 - 9:08:21 AM

    I believe Donato was also Chef at Atlantis Montevigna and a Chef at the Siena in the early Barney era. His food is very good.

  • February 13, 2015 - 9:58:30 AM

    Wonderful. I unfortunately had to move out of the area recently as rent steadily increased while my wages have not. It's a shame as I love that area! Also on a side note, I am almost positive that it is Nick's Greek Deli, not Vick's, who also own the insurance company as well as the entire building! They are an amazing family abbas I'm sure if you want to find out, simply go in and find the older woman with white hair moving a mile a minute!