New Night Club To Take Residence at 210 North Sierra

In the upcoming WARD 1 NAB meeting, there is a special use permit for a new night club downtown called RISE, which will be at 210 North Sierra (formerly 210 North.) I'm hoping dubstep won't be their primary focus.

New Holcomb-Center Connector Underway

Those of you frequenting Holcomb and/or Center may have noticed the connector 'chute' that allows you to cross left over to Center Street from Holcomb is now missing. Enough residents contacted me about it that I contacted RTC, who responded very quickly with their plans for this area. As you may have noted in previous posts, RTC is building a series of large bus stops for their RAPID articulated-bus service along the Virginia Street corridor. Soon, the northbound service will change to Center Street, and two new bus stops are being constructed on Center Street; one by the Discovery Museum and one right across the street from Junkee's, on the eastern side. It would be pretty dangerous to keep the current configuration in this case, so they are changing things up a bit and creating a more traditional 4-way stop at Burns, where you will be able to turn left and then merge onto Center. Click the image below to view the pdf overlay. It might be tough to make out because it shows both the old and new configurations...but you can see where the new bus stop is being placed right where the Holcomb-to-Center merge used to be. The dot pattern represents new road. The project will also add much needed sidewalks to the area, which you can see below.

New Stewart Street Construction

On Stewart Street between Wheeler and Holcomb, I noticed new construction happening, including grade-work and a foundation being poured. This vacant lot sold last year to Kelly Rae, so I am hoping she has something cool and funky in mind for this lot!